Breaking News:Audit Reports says there is an “institutionalized corruption” at Kanilai farm!
By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Landing Badjie.
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The Government  of the Gambia, has long been confronted by institutionalized corruption and appalling rights credentials. The unfinished official graft has now been extended to the President’s own  farm in Foni, where a government enquiry un earthen the disappearances of about D20 Million Dalasis. An audit report presented before a magistrates’ court on Thursday revealed that D18,897, 24.00 have disappeared at the Kanilai Family Farms between 2005-2006. The Gambian police are now holding three people, including the Gambian leader’s own nephew, responsible for the missing money. Aziz Tamba, a one-time youth mobiliser of the president’s party also a nephew to president, was on Thursday alongside two men arraigned at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court charged with embezzling the aforementioned money.

The accused men  are currently remanded at Mile II  Central Prisons and would be returned to the courts today for the beginning of their trial. Mr.Tamba  was accused at some point of being allegedly used  by the President to execute his kidnapping and secret killings. The two had now fallen apart. Tamba

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh who came to power through a coup, has created untold economic and political hardship in the Gambia during his 12 years in office. His past promises to tackle official graft has been buried in the dustbin of history, as he is equally engaged in corrupt activities. He owns most of the enterprising local businesses in the Gambia today. He also owns properties outside the Gambian frontiers.

However, the Gambia leader was sometime, down the line, seen as not serious with his
crusade when he failed to go for a corruption test himself. President Jammeh, who is accused by his critics of being corrupt, flatly refused to appear before the Paul Commission, his brainchild, to account for his assets. But the Gambian leader wish to gain a lot by his decision to prosecute his own nephew, on two separate occasions, for corruption charges. Aziz Tamba, who was sent to Upper Saloum with millions of dalasis to dislodge one of Jammeh’s arch-critics in a by-election, is also serving an eight-year-jail term for corruption and possession of firearms without valid license.

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