Breaking News:Another Batch of NIA officers leave for Dakar- Disturbing revelations unveiled!!
By Serg PMJ Banjul.

Dear Editors,

As I am writing this piece, two separate batches of six top National Intelligence Agency officials have been dispatch to the Senegalese Capital Dakar for a possible secret operation of abducting the fugitive Gambian soldiers. The soldiers under their target are Colonel Ndure Cham, Captain Sana Sabally, Major Kalipha Bajinka and Lt Yankuba Badjie. Although the first three are currently residing in Senegal, the Agency did not know that Lt Badjie as been granted an asylum by a Western country sometimes last year. The two groups will be staying in separate locations in the city. Although it is not clear to me where Group A is going to stay, I know for certain that Group B are going to stay in Liberté 6. Their mission is to track the dissident soldiers to their residences and possibly kidnap them. The two groups will be using Gambian Diplomatic cars and will be sub-divided into groups of three and will be putting the Amnesty International- Senegalese office, RADHO, UNHCR and the Senegalese Interior Ministry under surveillance to be able to track these people.

Serg emailed us again with another update on the matter. Please read on…..

Dear Editors,

I was in a haste and did not put all the facts together. I took the risk to write this piece in my office. But anyway, everything is under control. Please add this to the piece I sent. The two separate batches of six personnel will be sub-divided in a groups of three, which means four groups. These three top personnel in each will command another group of 15 personnel already in Dakar. In total, there are 60 NIA personnel in Dakar. The 60 personnel will be divided into groups of 15 that will put each of the said institutions under surveillance. Group A should stay in Liberte 6, Group B should stay in Yoff, Group C will be residing in Parcelle and those serving in Group D will reside in various parts of the city.

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