The Freedom Newspaper Editorial Board said it had accepted the apology of Amadou Lowe in good faith. He called this paper on Thursday night apologizing for the ugly state of affairs, which dominated the pages of  Freedom for the past couple of days. “I’m sorry for what had happened. If it means to say I’m sorry, then I say I’m sorry.” said Amadou Lowe on the line to Atlanta. As Muslims who believed in “peace and unity.” this paper responded by accepting Lowe’s pleas in good faith without form of rancor. Lowe believe that we overreacted to his piece, in which he speculated about the true identity of Lamarana Jallow. We made it loud and clear to him that our swift reaction was prompted by his allegations and as a paper we thought it imperative to clear our image. As clearly stated by Our Editor-in-chief Omar Bah, the Freedom Newspaper would not allow anybody to intimidate its sources. As a Newspaper, we relied on  sources to make this paper to be what it’s today. If it means, parting with our own staff based on sources intimidation, we wouldn’t haste to sacrifice the former. Our sources comes first before anything. A paper, which is in the habit of condemning or scaring its sources would run out of  business, as no useful information, would be featured on such a paper. In short, such papers are reduced to an opinion forum, where no valuable news regarding rights abuses, corruption and injustices are featured. Thanks to sources like Lamarana Jallow, we are able to know first hand about what is happening at the State House. Our reporters on the ground are also doing a fine jobe. Most of the breaking news stories your read online are filed by these hard working reporters.

Mr. Lowe has prevailed on us to embark on a cease fire. He said his piece was meant for a “brotherly” advise but had conceded to the fact that he was harsh in his language. “I have noticed that this issue is blowing out of proportion. I’m sorry if I have wronged you. Let move on and stop the attacks. I never intended to bring the reputation of your Newspaper down. You alluded to the fact, in one of your pieces that I praised your paper for doing a fine job. Let leave things to die now.” Lowe told the Freedom Newspaper in a phone conversation. Lowe said he was devastated by the last piece posted by the Freedom Newspaper regarding Michael Scales. “I called you to say I’m sorry. Please accept my apology.” Lowe remarked.

Editor M’Bai who was touched by Lowe’s passionate plea remarked” We accepted your plea in good faith. Our reaction was compelled by your allegations. You also compromised a privilege conversation we had by reporting it on a sister local paper. If you had not provoked  us, we wouldn’t have reacted in such a manner. As Muslims, we harbored no grudges against you. We took such an action to defend our integrity. Each time, our integrity is under attack, we are morally obliged to defend it. This paper accepted your plea in good faith.” Editor M’Bai told Lowe on the phone.

Mr.M’Bai said the Freedom Newspaper valued its credibility and would not allow anyone to blackmail their paper.” Our credibility comes first, before anything. Since Mr. Lowe had expressed regrets over his actions, we have decided to embark on a cease fire. It was a bold move on the side of Amadou Lowe to apologize for his mistakes. Apologizing is not a sign of weakness. To err,  is human and we accepted his plea in good faith. This to some extent had touched our nerves. We are human beings and are bound to make mistakes. We want to praise Mr.Lowe for apologizing to us. We are very encouraged by his action.” said Editor M’Bai.

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, July 24, 2007)
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