As Election Fever Hits Gambia:Ten APRC Supporters Killed In A Deadly Car Accident!!VP Njie Saidy Presents D40 Dalasis To Brevead Families

Truck Driver Landing Badjie Appeared In Court Today!!

By Lamin JP Bojang, Brikama

It’s been a bad moment for the Ruling APRC, as a major car accident killed ten of its supporters and dozens of other party militants left hospitalized with various degrees of injuries, according to Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett P.A.. Truck Driver Landing Badjie ran into the APRC campaign trail convoy killing ten of them. A truck loaded with wood and coal yesterday ran over APRC supporters at Serrekunding and Kembujay just after Brikama going to Foni killing and injuring a good number including family members at the rally by a Jola drive known as Landing Badjie, eye witnesses told the Freedom Newspaper. When it comes to injuries, the Precision Injury Law firm has legal experts that can help.

A Trailer with double wheels driven by Landing Badjie a young driver at about 10 or 11 pm ran into a crowd near the street as he speeded from the Fonis that night. The rally comprised mainly of APRC supporters who were listening to their politicians quickly dispersed. There was a stampede, as everybody ran helter-skelter for his their lives.

The incident which left many APRC supporters devastated, was described as one of the worst pre-election tragedy that ever hit the APRC.

Concerned by the magnitude of the incident, the Government under the leadership of President Yahya Jammeh dispatched a delegation led by the Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy to pay condolence the deceased’s families.

The Vice President serving as an envoy to the President brought in 40,000 Dalasis including rice to the bereaved families. A mother and her four kids died in the accident and two other family members died there. The whole scenario has caused panic in the area, many may not be willing to go out for such deadly rallies any more in the area.

According to a by stander Ndey Fatou Kinneh, “the Trailer, a very long and dangerous vehicle approached the town in a very heavy state.” Those who earlier saw the approaching vehicle raised alarm, but the political supporters could not hear the speeding truck, as they curiously listened to the Party officials on podium. The approaching vehicle then lost control and entered in the crowd.

“Those who tried to run away the wrong way were caught in the middle of the accident.” Ndey Fatou Kineh recounted.

According to Sarjo Conteh a survivor, the truck came as if the heavens had opened on them and it took some people as it returned. The rally took the form of a story telling as youth gathered to listen to their story tellers

The heavy duty machine killed 10 on the spot, leaving eight maimed and badly injured. The driver then went into hiding and when caught he appeared to have been in a dream world. The police were called in and he was taken to the station. Ambulances were seen running on high speed taking the dead and injured to Banjul’s RVTH. One could see heads roll lying in a pool of blood.

Some people tended to blame it on faulty brakes while others think that Jammeh should think twice and love his opponents and rule with love and not pretence.

In another Development, the driver Landing Badjie appeared in court today, but the magistrate transferred the case to Brikama Magistrates’ court for hearing.

The accused has been charged with rash or neglect act thereby causing death of ten APRC supporters. If convicted, he is likely to face three years imprisonment. The accused shared the same ethnic group with President Jammeh.


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