ByOur National Correspondent Bolong Jammeh, Banjul.
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The Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology has once more demonstrated Gambia Government’s unresolve for reconciliation with the Press as SoS Nenneh Mackdold Gaye turned down GPU’s invitation to grace high table during the occassion marking World Press Freedom Day.SoS was mong the selected speakers for the occassion but she disnonored the invitation by failing to turn up, neither did she deligate or call to inform GPU personnels that she could not make.

There was no other person at the forum representing the Gambia Government in the event which was an opportunity for a Media-Government reconciliationa.However, Many believe Nenneh was not even made to step her foot there because dictator Jammeh will automatically fire her. The only Government personnels at the event were the socalled NIAs with their evil intentions of intimidating Journalists.
Meanwhile, Speaker by Speaker at the celebrations generally condemned the Gambia Government’s anti-Media policies and practices.
Numerious attacks on the media were reiterated including the long detention of Chief Manneh without been charged. worst of all, the NAs’ and the police has denied that Journalist Manneh is in their detention.
Among others, the Media fraternity lamented that:-Lamin Fatty and Fatou Jaw Manneh are also facing numerious sedition charges for various articles published.-Independent  Newspaper was been attacked on different times and at the end was closed down -Many Gambian Journalist are in self exile due the hostile environment for the media which pose threats to their lives
-Deyda Hydara, Co-Founder of the Point Newspaper was killed in December 2004, and his killers are still walking on the streats freely-Sud FM and Citizen FM radios were closed without justification.
D.A Jawo, then Gambian based BBC correspondent was threatened by the Green Boys a group who now shows themselve openly as APRC supporters. The Green Boys are nolonger a secret to Gambians that the are Jammeh’s Boy Boys as they are around him in all political programmes.
These among others were issues of concern raised at the celebration, calling on the Gambia government play its role and responsibilities in addressing these infamous crimes
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