Mr Kawsu Bojang nursing aid of President Jammeh’s mother Jailed…

Sources from within the state house are talking too much about the latest arrest and jailing of Kawsu Bojang. Kawsu has since been the closest nursing aid to the President’s mother Ajaratou Assombi Bojang.

Both the President’s mother and Kawsu are from the same family lineage. “They are from the Bojang Kunda in Foni and their last name is Jola not Mandinka..” said my source. The same last name is what former Gambian Ambassador to Taiwan John Paul Bojang also carries. John Bojang according to sources is a relative of both Kawsu and the President’s mother. This is why President Jammeh himself addresses both men with the title uncle when in a good mood. Of course Jammeh calls Kawsu names when angry with him the same source revealed.
The latest fracas between the two of them speaks for itself. “In African traditions it is only spoiled children who rebuke,fight or insult their uncles. Let alone arrest and jail them over trivial family matters…” a family close to Jammeh said during our conversation. The person said so while sobbing,tears rolling down her cheeks.
Kawsu Bojang means so much to the President’s mother…
After Kawsu Bojang’s arrest I made certain secret missions in order to be able to gather more about this important issue within the President’s immediate family circle. A lot has so far been revealed.
Kawsu Bojang,Fanta (The President’s mother’s step sister),Yankuba Sambou and Bekai Bojang are key names…
Prior to this latest arrest sources have revealed that Kawsu had an internal problem with president Jammeh. I will elaborate on this problem later on. The source we spoke to said all those named above were or are still very close to the President’s mother. Fanta is the old woman’s step sister. She is too close to her. She runs the old woman’s special errands. Fanta according to my source has always been a lady in waiting for the old woman.
Another person who used to be close to the old woman is one Yankuba Sambou. We are still digging to know more about Yankuba’s relations with the President’s mother. Our source has promised to even bring us documents revealing a lot more about who and who or what and what affects the President’s mother at this hour. All we can say for now is that Yankuba Sambou has been guarding her for so long. Him and one officer called Bekai Bojang were assigned to be guarding the President’s mother for years. As Jammeh changes guards like a chain smoker we will not reveal certain things for now. We want to help our elements on the ground gather more. Revealing some names at this point means we are blocking our pipes. More surprising things are going to be said these days.
These elements were close to Kawsu Bojang because all of them had one mission ie to serve or protect the President’s mother.
The President’s mother prefers speaking Jola and nothing but Jola.
None amongst the President’s mother’s staff speaks another Gambian dialect around her. She does not prefer speaking any other dialect but Jola. Therefore all those who serve or protect her were chosen from her ethnic group because she does not like speaking any other Gambian dialect according to my source. This source is indeed Jola but she does not prefer siding with the President’s mother’s perception on refusing to speak other dialects.
The same source reported that the President’s mother likes Kawsu her own relative more than the rest of the team. Infact according to the same source there was a time when President Jammeh decided to transfer Kawsu Bojang to Manskonko after an internal cleevage ensued between them. President Jammeh according to my source was not happy with Kawsu at the time because he was told the man secretly signed and withdrew money from a special account that was meant to cater for the mother’s immediate needs. This story was automatically rebutted by the President’s mother.She was not happy about the transfer either. Therefore she was so angry with President Jammeh.
The President’s mother chose to snub him for two weeks in protest of what was done to Kawsu. The old woman who is a diabetic patient was so angry that she chose to abandon treatment if Kawsu was not around her as the nursing aid. President Jammeh according to my source rushed to transfer other doctors and nurses to take care of Mama Assombi but she still refused to be taken care of by any other person but Kawsu Bojang. When President Jammeh wanted to insist the old woman showed him that she was more stubborn. She therefore threatened to abandon everything that was given to her by the President and then go back to her village. The same place where her family is. The same place where people like Kawsu originated from. When the President saw no nonsense in the mother’s eyes he was advised by certain elders to back down. Of course President Jammeh is known to be too arrogant. He backed down,brought Kawsu back in anger and a lot of bitter complains before the mother. My source said the President and his mother had series of unsavoury conversations on the phone over this issue. From that day to now Jammeh has constantly been working behind the scenes to get to Kawsu. He never liked the fact that Kawsu was the cause or the reason behind his mother’s anger towards him for two good weeks. Common sense should have taught the President one simple thing. That is, his mother was indeed helping him build a good rapport with people even if they offended him,but he never budged.
As soon as President Jammeh was able to cook up a story near Kawsu he got him behind bars. This time around he took a fast one on the mother.
Knowing very well that his mother does not like Aziz Tamba,President Jammeh chose to associate Kawsu’s case to that of Aziz. Therefore he coincided their arrests and detention to finally convince the mother that Kawsu and her arch rival Aziz are the same. Internal sources have it that the President’s mother although does not like Aziz Tamba is still in favour of Kawsu Bojang. “She likes Kawsu because he has a sense of humour and is at the same time a disciplined chap..” said my source.
The same source said that the President even wanted to arrest John Bojang but changed his mind. If President Jammeh is so paranoid that he no longer trusts his own mother then who does he trust? Who will he ever trust in life? Naturally Ajaratou Assombi Bojang will never mislead President Jammeh because no one on earth can ever lover him more than she does. President Jammeh’s way of thinking is sometimes worrisome to say the least. I met a person at the old Banjul mosque today who said that people should pray for Jammeh even if they do not love him. I asked him why? Then he said this..”We have to pray for him because if we don’t this man will lead our country into a deep ditch one day…” This man told me he knows everything surrounding the arrests of the President’s family members therefore he is convinced that the man is not completely stable.
The same source said President Jammeh arrested one Mr Jasaja Kujabi almost a year ago,to date no one knows if this guy is dead or alive. Jasaja Kujabi according to my source is-was a close relative of President Jammeh. He is-was the eldest within the Kujabi family in Dobong Foni.
The same Jasaja was-is the elder brother of former Director NIA Abdoulie Kujabi who is still languishing in jail after being severely tortured. President Jammeh also arrested and tortured his own half-brother Jalamang Jammeh. This thread of endless arrests targeting close family members which is based on nothing but paranoia is causing sleepless nights for Jammeh’s mother. She is depressed,seriously depressed. President Jammeh can never deny these stories because he kmows very well they are authentic and could not have been released by any other than his own close relatives. Jammeh has to clean his own back yard before talking about others.
Another top secret from Jammeh’s immediate family…
Internal family sources close to President Jammeh in Kanilai revealed that Jammeh is working hard to get Jasaja Kujabi’s son back. After the sudden disappearance of his father the son who used to live in Jeshwang took off. He was scared to death because he thought that he was next on the line.
I will withhold the name of the son for now. According to these sources Jammeh is offering to appoint the son as a household staffer at the state house. What amazes the family members is that the young man’s father Jasaja has been arrested (believed to dead because for the past 15 months he has not been seen either in a jail or a hospital). Infact traditionally the wives of Jasaja are contemplating whether they should mourn him as a dead person or give out charity for the poor man. Despite these bitter feelings President Jammeh is not concerned about producing Jasaja’s body whether dead or alive. All he wants now is to locate the son and then appoint him household staffer at the state house? Is this man okay mentally? However close family members are watching Jammeh and see where he will lead them. One thing a close family member in Kanilai said to me is this…”Yes,Yaya can appoint Jasaja’s son if he wants but our concern is not a salary for now,our concern is for us to know where Jasaja Kujabi is…?”
The source further said..”If Yaya produces Jasaja alive we will sit and talk as one family then get over it as a major mistake then move on. However if he has killed Jasaja then how on earth can we ever trust him with the son of a man he killed?”
These are very deep and seriours revelations emanating from Kanilai itself. President Jammeh has to be very very careful during these days because he has angered his close circle beyond limits.
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