By Landing Badjie, Banjul

The Banjul Magistrate courts Tuesday sentenced Gambia’s longest serving military officer LT.Bakary Camara to one year and six months imprisonment. Camara was found guilty of stealing Government vehicles. His co accused police commissioner and former head vehicle controls at the Statehouse Malafi Sanyang  was acquitted and discharged by the court. The prosecution proved its case against Camara, but in the case of Sanyang, the presiding magistrate says the accused was not guilty of any crime.

LT Camara’s family could be seen crying in court shortly after the verdict was handed down. It was a somber day in Banjul. Camara was placed in an awaiting prison car and taken to Mile Two Prisons.

Earlier on, the court was jam packed by court spectators. The Presiding magistrate Olajudutvu ruled that the accused LT. Camara was guilty as charged. He says the prosecution proven its case beyond all reasonable doubt.

The second accused Malafi Sanyang is likely to return to the police. He was interdicted while his case was being decided. Now that the court has set him free, he is likely to return to work.

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