Lack Of Transportation Hinders Education In Gambia!!……Students Issue Early Warnings To IGP And The President

…….Student Strike In The Offing!!

By Sourie I. Ceesay, Serre- Kunda

 Lack of transportation is making life difficult for Gambian students. Students in the Kombo area are in tears as they find it difficult to get vehicles to take them to their various schools in Kombo area, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.

 Many students find it difficult these days without the GPTC running to assist them to school. Public transports have also made it difficult for students who wake up very early in the morning to only find themselves at school around eleven o’clock or above. Children going to Banjul could be seen standing on the roads hours on end only waiting for a vehicle.

These students are left stranded. Some make it in school thanks to some benevolent motorists who gave them ride to school. Lack of transportation is hindering education in this country. Many students stayed out of school due to lack of transportation.

Students say they cannot afford to pay for taxi fares, because the little money they have is meant to be spent on the little bread they would buy to sustain them for the day while in school. Many kids goes to school hungry. This seems to be bothering parents and others but there has been no remedy to the situation.

 Students performance in school has been hampered by the above mentioned reasons. They did pretty bad in the past exams, as the results shocked the entire nation.

Education officials have been accused of being insensitive to the plight of Gambian students. There is no serious indication on their site to find a lasting solution to the transportation crisis facing Gambians students.

Fatou Gia Barrow said, “It is difficult on us but we blame GPTC because there is nothing they have done this term to even release the two buses for students to use as before. I wonder what the relationship is between GPTC and government. Our education is going backward and we are expected to go to the university and become future leaders taking up responsible roles.”

Another student Ebrima Jallow said” The Education SOS should be sacked. She is provoking us on a daily basis. When we take to the streets that would be the time the President would realize the problem. No one is briefing him about our predicament. Just wait until we finish what we are working on, the Government will know that we are not joking this time around. We have never see such an irresponsible Minister.”

 According to some parents, it is not only the students that are suffering, others too are suffering like the teachers. Teachers salaries are knifed if they reach their schools late especially the mission schools. Some of these schools are found in far away places too. This has made a lot of teachers leave the teaching and it has started biting students too.

 “For me I shall only leave the suffering of going to Banjul and marry, school is meant to be enjoyed by the student and not to endure unnecessary suffering till you fail at the end.” Maimuna Jabang of Muslim High says.

Many children are said to be considering alternatives to the vehicle problem. A group of St. Augustine and Gambia High children appealed to the IGP to help them get an answer. Failure of which, they said they would take to the streets. These students complained about marginalization and discrimination. They also for the intervention of the Gambian leader before things might turns out ugly.

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