Trucks, laden with consumables and mattresses, were this afternoon leaving the Gambian capital for the home hamlet of President Yaya Jammeh as the  Kanilai International Festival takes centre-stage. According to state house sources, the decision to transport rice, oil, sugar and mattresses from Banjul to Kanilai was precipitated by the unforeseen growing demand on food and bedding as the festival progresses. Sources went  on to add that the organisers are so impressed with the level of public interest in the festival that they are poised to give more.

“The turn-out is unprecedented, hence the need to rise up to the occasion. We are quite confident that we would be able to deal and cope with the  situation because the ultimate aim of the president is to see to it that the event becomes the thundering success it so deserved,” our source hinted.

Meanwhile, in his remarks to declare the festival open, President Jammeh  told his audience that the promotion and preservation of our rich cultural heritage is such an important undertaking. In his speech that was broadcast and screened to a multitude of television viewers, President Jammeh enjoined  Gambians to put all hands on deck to promote our unique cultures. He pointed out that the festival serves as a window of show-casing the sub-region’s cultures as unique and rich in their own right.

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, July 07, 2007)
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