Jammeh Threatens To Expel and Jail APRC Independent Candidates Ahead Of The January Polls!!By Morr Ceesay, Banjul.

With barely few weeks before Gambia’s Local Government Elections, President Yahya Jammeh has threatened to deal with his APRC supporters who stood as Independent candidates against ruling APRC sponsored candidates. In a televised address, the Gambian leader said such candidates would live to regret it because they would be expelled from his party after the polls. Jammeh also threatens to jail such opponents.

There are 21 independent candidates vying for the said elections, most of whom came from the Ruling APRC. The Gambian leader who is increasingly worried by the growing division in the APRC, vowed to deal with party supporters opposing the APRC.

“Fellow Gambians, if any body leaves the APRC party to vying in the forth coming election as independent candidate, I will deal with him or her correctly by suspending them. I warn those who have done it to note that they are in trouble.” Said an angry Yahya Jammeh today.

Frustrated looking Jammeh, said he has been closely monitoring the activities of the independent candidates. He says such people don’t have place in the APRC. He vowed to expel and jail such opponents.

A good number of APRC candidates who were dropped by the party during their selection process. Aggrieved APRC supporters, unhappy with the decision of the selection Committee, decided to sponsor independent candidates to oppose their own party the APRC. They put up candidates in almost every part of the country, a move which do not go down well with the Gambian leader.

The President today addresses the nation in a bid to signal the APRC independent candidates about what might visit them after the said elections.

Mr. Jammeh tried to instill fear in the minds of Independent candidates ahead of the elections. He says such candidates would live to regret it by wagging an opposition against his party. Jammeh says the independent candidates are already in trouble and should get ready to dance to the music.

Local observers viewed Jammeh’s threats as an interference with the electoral process. That many voters might be compelled to vote for his party because of such threats.

The Independent Electoral Commission has not yet reacted to the President latest threats against Independent candidates.

MC Cham at New Jeshwang/Ebo Town Ward was fooled by members of the APRC big wigs that he should not stand in the last local government election for the Ward by saying that they would give him scholarship to go out to study if he abandoned the position for another APRC member. He accepted and threw his weight behind his opponent. Sources say Neneh Macdoull Gaye was one of those who promised him overseas studies. He is now standing as an independent candidate. He is now the favorite candidate in the Ward.

The president is now reading the writing on the wall that his party is collapsing. Many APRC supporters are increasingly becoming power hungry. They want to be masters of their own destiny.

Observers hailed the APRC independent candidates for their brevity. They said such a trend is healthy in our ailing political system. The observers say such mass opposition suggest that Jammeh is no longer popular. That his party might one day sponsor a candidate to oppose him.


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