OK, this is hitting a little close to home. Now it is the good guys that are getting the raw deal. Not all the facts are in, but it looks like William “Cobra” Staubs is headed to jail. In what I can only call the stupidest piece of police work in history they are slapping a false imprisonment rap on him!

Details are a little sketchy at this time but as they come in I will update this story.

This story has its roots in an incident that occurred weeks ago. A known sex offender tried to donate some furniture to the Haleigh Bug center, and was sent packing when they discovered that he was on a $78,000 bond concerning some pedophile charges.

At some point there was a communication by the insurance company and Cobra. Cobra talked to the offender and when he got lippy, Cobra cuffed him. It seems that the insurance company then got cold feet, and asked Cobra to release him, in fact drive him home. The offender was quickly released by Cobra.

It transpires that the accused, a Mr. Snodgrass immediately went to the Putnam County Police and spoke with a Detective Taylor. And it was indeed this same detective that contacted Cobra this afternoon to inform him that there is an arrest warrant out for William Staubs.

Now Putnam County have decided to take Cobra to task. We in the news media following this case are mortified that this has happened. We are a close knit group and share information that does not always make the press. It has been well known that there is little love lost between the Putnam County cops and Cobra for quite some time. As I see it they would like nothing more than to get Cobra out of the picture, and this looks like their opening move.

Cobra is an honorable man and plans on turning himself in. The phone calls, emails, and text messages are flying so fast at the moment that I could only talk to Cobra for a couple of minutes. This whole story only erupted about an hour ago.

I am scared brother, jail is not a good place for me

I Just hope I don’t get shanked!

This incident happened weeks ago, why the delay? Well there has been some very bad blood flowing for the past couple of weeks between Cobra and some of the other players. This is neither the time nor the place to talk about that, but in my mind it is a contributing factor.

As I mentioned earlier, as more details come in, we will keep you updated.

Cobra’s current plan is to drive up to Putnam County first thing in the morning and surrender himself. My press friends will be there to report.

I class Cobra as a friend, and a very honorable person, this move is about as low as anyone can get.

You can bet that this will get a big splash from the media.

We here at BNN wish Cobra the best, and you can bet your bottom dollar we will be following this act of crass stupidity.

Why pick on someone that is just trying to help? I asked that question of another journalist friend this morning, and the reply was “I don’t know, you would think they would like the help”.

I am seething over this development, as are several other journalists. It does nothing to help find Haleigh Cummings, all it does is create another sideshow.

The question in my mind is why now? Well it might have something to do with a few comments he made on our radio show last Sunday, you can catch the recording here.

UPDATE Cobra surrendered in Putnam County at 10:13AM Eastern, he is charged with Kidnapping and False Imprisonment. Bail has been set at $5004. More news soon.

12:32 – And he is out!

Simon Barrett

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