Sulayman Darboe And Pa Modou Faal Left And Traveled

MB Ceesay, Banjul

Details are emerging regarding the two GRTS Reporters, who were earlier reported missing in The Gambia. Producer Sulayman Darboe and Pa Modou Faal were said to be in safe  hands. The two are said to be currently out of The Gambian jurisdiction, according to highly placed sources who reached the Freedom Newspaper today. Mr. Darboe who secured both UK and American visas, left Banjul Monday, according to informed sources. Details are sketchy about the exact location of Pa Modou Faal, but reports have it that the journalist might have traveled to Sweden to join his wife.

GRTS insiders said no journalist with his right mind would want to work under such a hostile working environment at the GRTS. It’s reported that staff moral is very low at the GRTS, as many journalists, are contemplating to leave the institution.

Meantime, while there is a mass exodus of GRTS reporters, old guards such as Lamin Manga, are making a comeback. Manga is currently working on part time at the GRTS. Observers say lack of job forces the former popular presenter to return to the GRTS. Manga had tried to run his own business in the past, but things never worked out well as expected.

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