Commissioner Khan Refuses To Issue Receipts To Area Council Officials Who Handed Tax Monies To Him

Civil Servants In Basse Complain Lack Of Salaries

By MB Ceesay, Banjul

Gross financial impropriety has been reported at the Basse Commissioner’s office, with the Commissioner Omar Khan refusing to account for the monies submitted by the Area Council in that region. Tax payers monies were being handed to the Commissioner without any receipt issued to the relevant Area Council officials, thus raising doubts over an alleged financial impropriety on the side of Commissioner Khan.

Sources close to the Commissioners office said Mr. Khan had given orders for all Area Councils monies collected to be handed to his office. Sources said the Commissioner had not issued a single receipt to persons concerned even though several thousands of dalasis were handed to him by Area Council officials.

“Sadly, there has been no receipt to the effect and the money has never reached the Bank. The situation has forced the workers there to go without salary for some three months or so.” Said an official of the Basse Commissioner’s office.

Many Civil Servants in the region are worried about the non payment of salaries. They are also afraid to confront the Commissioner over the alleged financial impropriety.

 The Finance Controller of the region wrote a letter to the Commissioner gracefully reminding him that the monies deposited to him from the council should be deposited to the Bank. He has since not adhered  to such request, leaving the finance controller in limbo. At the moment the Commissioner (Khan) is not in talking terms with the Finance Controller,  just because he was reminded of his responsibility to deposit the money in their account at the Bank. The situation is not very pleasant and the said Commissioner is feared among the workers because he might order for their unlawful sacking.” Said the insider at the Commissioner’s office.

Many believe that the Commissioner is over doing things and the government is looking at him. Some say he would soon be fired since he is not performing to standards. He was onetime  involved in a sex scandal with a Nigerian at Tambakunda. Many did not like it,  but he denied the accusations. He keeps doing things his own way, but who dares talk. It is widely believed that he is a brother to the Vice president Isatou Njie Saidy, so he thinks he can do what he wants with impunity. The workers at the Basse Area Council are in tears because they have families to feed.

The Basse Area Council Chairman, Omar Ceesay is not pleased with the development and would loved to see the money deposited in the Bank. “Well whatever the case, President Jammeh would get to know about this development in his government and he would use his big shovel to shovel him out. No one dares talk to Commissioner Khan on these issues.” An official of the Commissioner’s office tells the Freedom Newspaper roving reporter.

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