Good News For Gambians: Jammeh Announces the discovery of Uranium, silicon, titanium, gold and other minerals!!

Good news for the impoverished nation of The Gambia, as President Yahya Jammeh has announced the discovery of uranium and other metals into the country. “ I’m pleased to announce that uranium has been discovered in the Gambia. We are capable of exporting our minerals overseas. We have enough minerals in this country.” a delighted looking Jammeh told the nation in a televised address.

Mr. Jammeh says the nation’s mineral reserves were 100 percent exploitable and therefore calls on Gambians to remain united during the mining process. He says the necessary security protection has been put in place to jealousy safeguard the country’s ailing democratic peace process.

Jammeh’s uranium discovery statement, followed the expulsion of UK based mineral firm Carnegie, who were given 24 hours to leave the West African country. The Government in a statement accuses Carnegie of withholding information on a mining contract it reached with the said firm. The firm was given the option to disclose statistical figures and laboratory information it gathered so far on Gambia’s mining capabilities or risked being expelled from the country.

News just came in that the Gambian Government has went ahead with its recent threat of expelling Carnegie from the country. Reports have it that the Government had revoked the mining license of Carnegie.

Addressing the nation earlier, President Jammeh says among the minerals discovered in the country were silicon, titanium, gold and iron. Mr. Jammeh says his Government was set to go ahead with the mining process. He calls on Gambians and non Gambians alike to be law abiding.

Opposition officials are bid cautious about Jammeh’s mineral discovery announcement. “ This is not the first time that he has been making such announcements. If our memory serves us well, the same Yahya Jammeh said there is oil in The Gambia. He made numerous promises of mining the said oil, but to date, there is no oil mining in The Gambia. This is a President who is not to be trusted. He survives in lies, deception and fantasy. We think this is another hoax from Jammeh. There is nothing new about what he is talking about. Sand mining has been going on in the country for decades. There are far reaching implications to such practices because our coastal villages had been threatened by sea erosion. We look forward seeing the minerals. Not under Jammeh’s era anyway. That I can tell you. “ said an official of The Gambian opposition.

The official said The Gambian leader is guilty of bringing false hope to Gambians. “ Jammeh is not fooling Gambians but himself. How can there be minerals in this country when poverty is at its peak? Thanks to your paper the Freedom Newspaper his deal with Carnegie was exposed. What he is doing right now is what we call damage control. We hope something will come out of his case with Carnegie. “ said the official.

Across the streets of Banjul, people are reacting to the President’s mineral announcement. Lamin Sanneh a petty trader says unless the government provides material evidence about the discovery of the said minerals, no one would buy their story.

“ I for one will never believe what the President said on Television. Seeing is believing. How many times has Yahya Jammeh came on TV saying that there is oil in this country? Where is the oil? He told us that before the end of 2006 mining would start, but to date there is no oil mining in this country. People are getting poorer by the day. As I’m speaking to you, people are lining in my shop begging for survival. The President should quit bringing false hope to our people. This is sinful. If he has nothing to say or do, he should leave us along. Our people cannot survive on false hope all the time.” Sanneh tells the Freedom Newspaper.

Malang Jarju also shared the same view with Lamin Sanneh. He says the Government should be action orientated than to resort to what he calls “ empty promises.” Mr. Jarju who lives in Kotu says the President should be concerned about salvaging Gambians from the current hunger they are going through than to waste his time on useless ventures.

“ I’m a father of ten kids. I earned my living through taxi driving. I support the President 100 percent, but I must say that we are getting tied of his false promises. Let him show us the oil he has been talking about over the years. For now, we are concerned about our survival than to rely on unfulfilled discoveries. The President should help stabilize commodity prices so that our people can live happily. The rest can come later.” said Mr. Jarju.

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