Breaking News: Gambian Car Thieves Invade Canadian Siemens Power Generation!!Stolen Hummer and Other Luxurious Cars Found In The Gambia
Gambian Car Thieves Invade Canadian Siemens Power Generation!!

……Stolen Hummer and Other Luxurious Cars Found In The Gambia

Alhaji Saja Manneh, Customs DG Tambajang, President Jammeh and others Named

Gambian Gov’t Accused Of Trying To Forcefully Extradite Dr. Allami

Senegalese, Canadians and the FIB Launched Joint Investigations Into Stolen Cars!!

The name of Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh had featured prominently in this damning revelations. The ring leader in this car theft case Alhaji Saja Manneh, a relative of the late Guinea Bissau Army Chief Ansumana Manneh had given one of the suspected stolen Lemozine to President Jammeh. The said car was among the list of suspected stolen vehicles brought into the country by Manneh and his accomplices.

By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Dakar, Senegal: Alhaji Saja Manneh is wanted by the Senegalese, Canadian and American Federal Bureau Of Investigations (FBI) for four reasons among, which includes attempted Kidnapping on Senegalese soil in the name of The Gambia Government assisted by the Customs attaché at the Gambia Embassy in Senegal,(call John Oogoh) working under the full instructions of the Director general Of Customs Kaba Tambajang who Saja bribed US 25,000 dollars to help him mask this embarrassing International car theft case, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Without the knowledge of the Senegalese authorities or even the Ambassador of the Gambia in Senegal, at the kidnapping scene, Alhaji Saja Manneh and his group of five gangsters assisted by Tambajang’s man at the Gambian Embassy in Senegal, tendered an arrest warrant to Dr Allamin saying that he Alhaji Saja Manneh has been mandated by the Gambian authorities to come with his men and arrest him back home by ease or by force. Among his men was one so called John Ogooh who also acknowledged the claims of Alhaji Saja Manneh by identifying him self as being an envoy of the Gambian Ambassador in Senegal who he Oogoh said, had asked him Oogoh to help Saja execute Dr Allamins immediate arrest and repatriation.

The move followed an international car theft case, in which Mr. Manneh, the Customs DG Tambajang and other Gambian officials were implicated. The Hummers were stolen from the Canadian based Nuclear Power station and shipped to the Gambia, which is currently a subject of international investigations. The Federal Bureau of investigations and other sister intelligence agencies are busy trailing this major international car theft case.

The name of Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh had featured prominently in this damning revelations. The ring leader in this car theft case Alhaji Saja Manneh, a relative of the late Guinea Bissau Army Chief Ansumana Manneh had given one of the suspected stolen Lemozine to President Jammeh. The said car was among the list of suspected stolen vehicles brought into the country by Manneh and his accomplices.

Eftimovski, Chris is the owner of the stolen Hummer. He works for the Canadian Siemens Power Generation. Sometime last year, Mr. Chris had informed his Insurance Company Allstate, about his stolen car. He was made to sign a release form by his Insurance Company in order to qualify for claims. Chris has since lost possession of his stolen car. His Insurance firm had notified the relevant law enforcement authorities about the said stolen Hummer.

His personal information-ranging from employment contract, banking information and other important documents were left in that stolen Hummer, which found its way into the sores of the impoverished nation of The Gambia.

Chris’s stolen Hummer was sold to Dr. Allamin, a Gambian Hydro Mechanical Engineer and Designer. Upon receiving the car, Dr. Allamin found Chris’s personal information in the vehicle. He contacted Chris to find out how his personal information got into the said car. That Chris’s personal information was found in his newly bought Hummer H3.

Chris had confirmed to Dr. Allamin that both the documents and the Hummer were his property. The Freedom Newspaper also learnt that the said stolen Hummer is now owned by Allstate Company since Chris had signed a release consent form with the company.

In the United States, once a car is stolen, the owner is mandated by law to notify his Insurance agent, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and other law enforcement agencies about the missing car. Such a move, would facilitate an enquiry to be launched to establish the exact whereabouts of the stolen car with the view of arresting and prosecuting the suspects.

Chris had earlier asked Dr. Allamin to mail him his private information which was found in his stolen car. Dr. Allamin was praised for honesty for reporting the stolen vehicles to the Canadian Nuclear company.

Allamin is now paying for the price as reports have it that there are move to forcefully arrest and turn him over to the Gambian law enforcement authorities.

At the kidnapping scene of the 22nd of January at around 20 hours, which could be confirmed by by Gamtel and Sonatel records, that Alhaji Saja Manneh phone called Tambajang Director General of Customs, who he Saja manneh ordered to confirm to Dr Allamin that the authorities of the Gambia want the vehicles Alhaji Saja Stole from The Bruce Nuclear Power Station in Canada, back to the Gambia with immediate effect, of which Tambajang repeated to him Dr Allamin in very angry tones under the influence and instructions of Alhaji Saja Manneh.

“I try to explain to him Tambajang or at least ask him what the problem was, but he would not listen to me; then I handed the phone back to alhaji saja, who after talking to Tambajang, immediately placed another call this time he Saja claimed that was talking directly to the the President Of the republic AJJ Jammeh, he kept repeating the words yes sir , Yes sir, Yes sir Jammeh Nya Mutaleh Yes sir Jammeh NYA MUTALEH, simply pretending to be repeatedly telling the President in mandinka that, I have been caught, and they will bring me back soon. Sonatel can prove

both calls made by Alhaji Saja, it was not too long that it was understood that the Director General of Customs Kaba Tambajang was trying to help Alhaji Saja Manneh and his network of international Car theft cartel to mask their illegal deeds; the only reason that Tambajang had this vehicles safely kept unchecked for two whole months on behalf of the organized car theft cartel, who proudly claimed full protection from the Gambia Government in exchange for a Lemozine and a couple of other cars they claimed to have given to president Yahya Jammeh. “ said Dr. Allamin

Dr. Allamin who was tortured by the NIA some years ago, following the deportation of his German business partners, whose diamonds and monies were ceased by the NIA went further to remark” Then one became very, very worried about why and what would one have done to make all the top most people on earth from President, to Ambassador, Director General of Customs, Magistrate of Budung court, all calling for my arrest, really this is very serious; but one said to oneself, that since things has gone this worst for no reason, then one have to act as a man and fight back until one wins or lose. But it did not take long to know that Saja tricked Tambajang to use his place of work to do a job (for him Saja) that was not authorized by no authority whatsoever, this was made more clear to when I voluntarily handed over myself to the Gambia Ambassador in Dakar and told him that,; since an arrest warrant was send to you to get me and send me back home, then “HERE I AM ” I told him, then he laughed and told me that he is not aware of any such thing like an arrest warrant for any body and infact has never heard of me before, then I told him the whole drama of Alhaji Saja, then the Ambassador told me that he don’t know Alhaji Saja and have never spoken or seen him, all I know about this man said the Ambassador, is what I heard from people especially “that he gave a LEMOZINE to the president”

Meanwhile, Dr. Allamin’s Senegalese lawyer Maitre Elhaj Mame Gning has written to the Director General of Customs in which he raises the stolen Hummer and tax related matters. Below we reproduced verbatim of lawyer Gning’s letter to the Customs boss.


C/o Head of The Management and

Director General of

the Customs of the Gambia.

On behalf of my client

Dr MZM Allamin C/O

Geccoz South Deutsch

Investment Corporation;


Dear Mr Tambajang,

I am hereby writing to you to inform you that my client Geccoz Intentional agreed to have owed your institution The Gambia customs and Excise a total value of D477185.42 customs duty as stated on post dated CHQ No 02449777 due on the 10/02/08; and ECO Levy amounting to D4795.00 Post dated CHQ No 02449779 also due on the 10th DAY of February 2008 all totaling in Gambian currency Dalasis D482160.42 ; this amount to have been the customs duty cost of two vehicles makes of HUMMER HUMMWV H3s CHASSIS No 5GTDN136368153757 and 5GTDN13F078130719 respectively .

I am equally informing you that I have seen the DIRECT DELIVERY REQUEST letter sent to you by my client on the 18th day of December 2007, on this very letter I can also clearly see that the authorities of your institution approved this direct delivery request on the 19/12/07 as clearly minuted and signed on the said letter written to you by my client on the 18th /12/2007

As records have proven as well as in a written police statement made at the Ecole De Douane Senegalese by Col Alhaji Sadja Manneh who claims to be (without any title) owner of all these Luxury cars among which a ten meter long Lemozine among other cars he claimed to have given to the President Yahya Diammeh,Col Alhaji Sadja Mane told the Senegalese Customs in a written Process Verbal, that he has already paid on behalf of my client the customs and excise duty for one out of the two HUMMWVs H3s my client received on Direct delivery from your institution; this has been repeatedly confirmed by your accounts department on all recorded telephone conversations.

Sir, since it is clearly stated in all your customs entries that either of these vehicle are of equal value and their Total Assessed Taxes being of equal value of D240,990.21 which your institution has now confirmed received and posted into Gambia Government coffers, on behalf of my client, I will in the same vain advice you to use your authority in the same good spirit you accorded my client the highly cherished facility that allowed him access the vehicles under the instructions of their rightful owner Muhamad Dukureh, who handed him the entire documentations which enable him to access the vehicles in a very silent and friendly manner.

Under the circumstance and under the instructions of my client, I am here-by proposing that your institution The Gambia customs and excise peacefully accept this offer so as to avert a potential diplomatic crisis rapidly on the making in view of this push and pull.

I am hereby informing your office that the Direct Delivery request my client made on the 18th December 2007 and that you approved on the 19th day of December 2007 is still in effect and that it has not yet been violated. I am also still reminding you that we are not yet in February 10/ 2008 ( the dates the deposited Cheques are due) .And that no delaying tactics leading to that day will yield any fruitful results.

I am under the instruction of my client Geccoz International pleading to your institution The Gambia Revenue Authority C/o Gambia Customs & Excise that the only remaining and Unpaid for Customs Duties for one of the remaining vehicles namely the (Humpry) HUMMWV H3 CHassis No 5GTDN13FO78130719 be withdrawn and return to the ports and cleared out of my clients possession and guarantee with immediate effect.

I am informed by my client that this particular Hummer H3 labeled as the unpaid for vehicle , is safely kept at the Denton Bridge police station under the care of the Officer Incharged one so called SO Sadiba whose telephone Number is Tel:00 220 991 75 13 .

This vehicle has been under Police care for safe-keeping since 19/12/07 the very first day my client access it; therefore if your institution decides to revoke the direct delivery facility it accorded my client even before the 10/02/2008, please peacefully collect that vehicle HUMMER H3 CHassis No 5GTDN13F078130719 from SO Sadiba and treat it as your unpaid for balance of D240,990.21.

Suspicion is beginning to raise eye brows in Senegal about what is being so special with this particular Hummer H3 undergoing series of investigations by the authorities of this country. Dispute is heating within the top customs and police authorities who are beginning to worry about why is a government revenue collection office, acting as private debt collection institution on behalf of people (who claimed being LEMOZINES givers)?

If that is then the case, my client has also brought in partners who build a whole hospital at Sanyang Village ? This very people will be back in six days time to discuss the funding of The Sanyang Skill center , that my client was negotiating for months and now put in danger by your institution. This fact can easily be verified by simply typing (Dr Allamin Sanyang Hospital) on the Internet.

Sir, Dr Muhammed Z M Allamin is a dual nationality of Senegal and The Gambia, he have a daughter in the Gambia and a daughter in Senegal and deserved full protection from both angle. More of Concern to the authorities of this nation, is that this Particular Vehicle left the Gambia fully loaded with unidentified passengers for Cassamarce to and fro the following day the murder was committed in Cassamance.

The vehicle left Gambian territory passed Jiboro Check Point of both the police and customs check points without Number Plate right into in to Senegalese Territory all the way to Dassilami and back, this could not have been possible if you did not give him the vehicle; so your continuous and relentless demand that the vehicle must be handed back to you without being investigated of finger prints of its passengers, will want to make people think that somebody is trying to hide something .

There can also be a suspected case of stolen car from abroad to be verified by my client assisted by the Senegalese authorities before completing payment to the importers, but it seems that your actions are aimed at deterring such investigations.

Senegalese secret police and customs confirmed that when my client entered this territory he drove straight to the Stolen car department of the Secret police and begin the Stolen car investigation requirement tested on all foreign vehicles imported into this country.

From their he was sent by Col Sheik Ndiaye of the Secret police to Col Ibrima Thiam at Mole 8 Dakar port to carry on some other verifications before finally being charged CFA 7,015,000 for the customs and excise duty.

More seriously, the two people fighting for the H3 vehicle are of great concern to the Senegalese authority, Col Alhaji Sadja Manneh being a first cousin and closest aid and special envoy to warlord Brigard General Ansumanna Manneh before and during the entire Senegal Bissau War during when many Senegalese soldiers lost their lives. This man is of great importance to the Senegalese authorities, and when he Col Alhaji Sadja Manneh discovered that his identity is is being unveiled during an interview at the Senegalese ecole de duane, he escaped and fled back to the Gambia without even finishing his interrogation session with his interrogator.

My client the owner of the vehicle Dr MZM Allamin, was the Husband of the Eldest daughter of the Brigard General Ansumanna Manneh and therefore may be somebody who may most likely know something about the Bissau Senegal war or some other details.

Therefore, Mr Tambajang, how and why would you think that this two people will leave all Gambian territory right into heart of Dakar Senegal and begin fighting over an empty car, does it make sense ? And how do you think the authorities in this country will sum you up if you keep insisting on having this particular car and not the one at Denton Bridge ?

Please for God and peace sake lets solve this silently and peacefully between me and you yours please call me as soon as possible

yours faithfully

Maitre Elhaj Mame Gning

If Negotiations fail to yield a friendly ending to this problems, copies of this communication will then be posted on the internet and to all concerned Government authorities.


In another development, Dr. Allamin is seeking the following relief:

(1st)Filed case against Saja Ogoh

Filed case against Alhaji Sadja for an attempt to kidnap and clandestinely demonstrating terrorist activities on Senegalese soil.

WITNESSED by accused own recorded statement and by himself in writing.

(2nd) Filed case against Alhaji Saja

International car theft and stealing properties and equipment belonging to a Canadian Nuclear Power Plant and the importation of such dangerous equipment and properties into Senegalese territory.

WITNESSED by accused own recorded verbal statement and by himself in writing

(3rd) Filed case against Alhaji Saja

(A) Stealing Industrial Property and documentation containing Uranium Proliferation Technology (B) Stealing of Areal Site Plan of Bruce Nuclear Power facility with an intent to access equipment with which to carry terrorist activity at the BRUCE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN CANADA and elsewhere (C) The unauthorized seizure (by using force and terrorist tactics) of property and equipment belonging to SIEMENS NUCLEAR RESEARCH LABOURATORY

WITNESSED by accused own recorded verbal statement and by himself in writing

(4th) Filed case against Alhaji Saja

For the importation and distribution of arms and ammunitions for The Brigadier General Ansumanna Manneh, to be fired into Senegalese territory and at Senegalese targets, with the intent to cause as much human and military havoc and damage to the nation of Senegal.

WITNESSED by accused own recorded verbal statement and by himself in writing and by The son in law of The Brigadier General Ansumanna Manneh .

It’s Dr. Allamin’s belief that a nation like The Gambia should not associate with such organized crime group. “Sir I think it is very dangerous for a nation to associate her integrity with a man of this caliber or even to receive gifts from him or from anybody associated with him or even try to protect or harbor him especially when such a person or people are associated to International Car theft and Nuclear Criminal Cartels.”

Moreover, he went on “the security of this country especially the security of this one of its kind unique Head of state lies wholly in your hands, I then see no reason why didn’t the police or the NIA designed a mechanism similar to that designed by the Senegalese security , that permits the origin of all vehicles to be scrutinized immediately on arrival even before they leave the ports. Or that all vehicles donated to the nation or to the leadership to be thoroughly checked for all kinds of hidden electronic bugs and ordinance guidance electronic tacks.”

Dr. Allamin also wants Lemozine given to the President by Manneh be thoroughly investigated to avoid a replica of his predicament. “For that reason sir, can I please propose to the leadership of this nation with all due respect, to quickly lend you this Alhaji Saja Manneh so call LEMOZINE to be properly checked out for electronic bugs and ordinance guidance electronic tacks. The reason for which I am insisting on this check is simply based for the love I have for the leadership and because of the one simple reason that alhaji Saja Manneh revealed to me that this particular Lemozine has spend some time in a particular garage before being brought into the Gambia.

Dr. Allamin added “Sir due to the vast knowledge I have on matters concerning Alhaji Saja Manneh, whose lack of secret was the main reason for which my ex Father in law brigadier general Ansumanna Manneh was exposed and murdered, I will advise no man of importance to attach himself to this dangerous talkative who when underestimated can be deadly.”

Efforts to solicit reaction from the authorities in Banjul proved abortive. Most of the people contacted declined to comment on the story. A top police official confirmed receiving a complaint from Dr. Allamin, but was quick to add “ There is a bigger force behind this whole car theft problem. We can only act if the President ask us to do so. The matter at hand is taking a political twist.”

The police chief confirmed that there was indeed an arrest warrant for Dr. Allamin but would not elaborate about the content of the said warrant. “ Interpol is aware of the car theft case, but the state is trying to prosecute Allamin for exposing the deal. The people mentioned in your story have long been smuggling stolen cars into this country.” said the police chief.

The Freedom Newspaper late Tuesday evening contacted the Contacted Chris Eftimovski an Employee of the Canadian Power firm, whose Hummer was stolen  for comments, but he was unreachable. His voicemail was on at the time of our call. We left a message for him so that he can return our call. We shall keep you posted with developments.

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