Following Publication of Leak UDP Judgment, Chief Justice Savage Defers Verdict Until Wednesday!!Following the leakage of his judgment on the Freedom Newspaper, the Chief Justice Abdoukarim Savage has announced to defer the judgment proper next Wednesday. He informed parties involved in the said case that come Wednesday, the judgment would be read out in an open court. CJ Savage who was taken by surprise by the Freedom Newspaper’s ability to penetrate his court files, gave a flimsy excuse that he was overloaded with other piles of cases and could hardly read out the judgment on Monday as scheduled.

The Freedom Newspaper in a lead story reported that CJ Savage dismisses the UDP led Alliance case against the Attorney General and the Independent Electoral Commission. His reasons to dismiss the said case was premised on lack of compelling evidence to grant an injunction to the plaintiffs. Savage in his leaked judgment ordered the IEC to go ahead with the January 24 polls as scheduled.

The opposition went to court challenging the legality of the recently passed Local Government Act, which gave sweeping powers to the President to fire Mayors and also to dissolve Municipal Councils.

The Freedom Newspaper piece prompted CJ Savage to delay the passage of the said judgment. Journalists who were in court to witness the judgment of the high profile political case were disappointed when the judge deferred the case. Savage has assured parties involved in the said suit that come Wednesday, the long awaited judgment would be delivered.

Reports have it that the CP was under pressure from the State House to explain the circumstances that might have led to the leakage of his judgment to the Freedom Newspaper. It’s gathered that the CJ’S attention was drawn to our lead story by agents of the NIA, who were acting on orders from the President.

Sources close to the NIA intimated that the CJ was warned not to deliver the judgment on Monday for security reasons. Our source said the agency believed that the leakage of the said judgment was likely to cause public unrest, as the credibility of the judiciary, the chief custodian of the nation’s laws was threatened.

CJ Savage was asked to defer the judgment until such a time that tempers cool off- especially among supporters of the opposition. The official who leaked Savage’s judgment said the CJ had since finished writing his judgment. “ He was shocked to read his judgment on Freedom. His decision is against the UDP. He has ruled against the UDP. By Wednesday Gambians will know what I’m talking about. I worked with the CJ and I have access to his files. The NIA were here trying to investigate about the source of the story. Don’t worry I will email you more files in days to come. The CJ talks a lot. There is no privacy in this office. The CJ talked about cases before him after work.” said the insider.

The Freedom Newspaper stood by its story. The CJ has indeed dismissed the UDP injunction application. We committed no crime for leaking the said judgment. Contempt of court our foot. We remain unapologetic. Our sources are unimpeachable.

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