Breaking News: Colonel Sarjo Fofana in Banjul- Family Sources hinted!! Army Spokesman Lied!!
Lt.Colonel Sarjo Fofana is still in The Gambia, according to family sources reaching this paper. Fofana who is not keen at talking on the phone is reported to be under close surveillance by the state. It’s gathered that the army command led by Lang Tombong Tamba created the confusion that the soldier had deserted the force  in a bid to eliminate him.  Many people went missing in The Gambia under such circumstances. God so good, we were able to confirm that Fofana is still in The Gambia.  A source close to his family has clarified that the solider never left the country despite wild speculations about his absconding.  Fofana was here in the United States on a short course before his return to Banjul.  He transited through Belgium and to The Gambia. But sources said there was a ploy  reached to get him arrested or executed by the regime upon his return. The President is said to be very mad with the Fofana. Fofana has been accused of embezzlement of funds among others.  His orderly has  been detained in connection with the said alleged graft. Over 5000 bags of rice allegedly assigned to Fofana for safekeeping was reported unaccounted for. The General public is being informed that Colonel Fofana is in The Gambia. We thought it necessary to report the latest on his case. To err is human and we deem it imperative to set the records straight.  The army spokesman for reasons best known to him lied over Fofana’s whereabouts. He told our reporter that Fofana had deserted the force.  Our reporter Landing Badjie got him on tape confirming Fofana’s absconding.  Who is fooling who here? What is the pro trying to achieve to make such lies?  Why spreading false news against Fofana when he is in town? This paper cannot be used for misinformation. Let the Observer carry out such dirty work for them. Our Editors are here to double check stories. We apologize to  Colonel Fofana and his family for any discomfort the earlier piece might have caused to them. This paper reported the story in good faith without malice.

Meanwhile,  Colonel Fofana who is said to be  in a state of fear, has restricted his movements due to  the close surveillance mounted on him by the state. So far no charges has been proffered against him. We will keep you posted about his case.

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, August 28, 2007)
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