Anyone that has been following the frustrating search for missing Florida tot Haleigh Cummings is familiar with the name William Cobra Staubs. He is a Florida based investigator and up until his involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case a Recovery Agent (That is politically correct speak for Bounty Hunter, a term that is outlawed in the state of Florida).

An incident while investigating the Haleigh Cummings disappearance led to him being charged with False Imprisonment. The charges were ludicrous to say the least. While in Putnam County Cobra decided to take a look at one particular sex offender (accused) Daniel Snodgrass. Snodgrass somehow had managed to make bond even though charged with heinous crimes against children, and had managed to remain a free man for many, many months.

There was evidence that as Snodgrass’ court date neared there was a chance that he might try to flee the area. As a licensed agent for insurance company holding the bond, Cobra attempted to interview Snodgrass. As a precaution Cobra made sure that the police were on hand. The meeting did not go well, and Snodgrass found himself handcuffed and in the back of Cobra’s vehicle en-route to the local jail.

In an about face, the insurance company changed their mind about revoking the bond, and about an hour later Snodgrass was once again a free man.

There is a great deal more to this story, and BNN does have in its possession copies of a number of audio recordings that seem to be contrary to the now ‘official’ prosecution view of events. More stories soon……..

I think it is fair to say that Cobra had made a nuisance of himself in Putnam County, it could even be speculated that certain forces in the area wanted nothing better than to get him out of the way.

The net result of the False Arrest charge is that until it is resolved Cobra has lost a major source is income, his license as a surety agent is suspended.

At no time did Cobra waive his rights to a speedy trial, and a trial date of December 14 had been set (within the permisable 180 days under the speedy trial laws). Earlier this morning I received information that the prosecutors have now pushed the date back to late January 2010 (outside of the 180 days). This is a clear violation of the statute.

I spoke with an understandably very hot under the collar Cobra at 10:45am, this is clearly a violation of his rights, and the legal remedy is to demand trial within the proscribed period of time, or drop all charges.

Calls to Don Holmes who is the attorney representing Cobra have not been returned as we go to press.

Willaim Cobra Staubs maybe a bit of a rough tough character, but he has become a very good friend of both Jan and I over the past few months. Under the gruff exterior is a man with a heart of gold. It saddens us that someone who had nothing but good intentions in helping find a missing child should be made to face this stupidity. I for one do hope and pray that the charges are dropped, and he can rebuild his life.

Simon Barrett

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