APRC Independent Candidate Yunus Gibba Renounces His Candidature Following President’s Threats to Jail and Expel them!!Brikama Kusamai Ward candidate drops out

By Sulay Badjie-Brikama

Following President Yahya Jammeh’s threats of jailing and expelling APRC supporters, who opposed his party under an Independent ticket in the coming Local Government elections, some of the candidates have started renouncing their candidature for fear of possible reprisal after the polls. As the election fever rises and threats holds independent candidates in their throats, an independent candidate has pulled out of the race leaving his ward without a candidate for the forth coming elections on 24th January, 2008, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.

The President had earlier vowed to deal with APRC supporters who opposed APRC sponsored candidates. Mr. Jammeh issued the threats few weeks ahead of the polls.

The Independent Electoral Commission has announced that today was the deadline for candidates interested in withdrawing their candidature. Many close independent candidates to the president were in close thinking as to how to go about their politics.

One of the candidates, Yunus Gibba has been cowed by the President’s threats. He announces to give up his candidature. Yunus Gibba stood for the Kusamai Ward at Brikama. He withdrew his candidature in accordance with the 1996 laws.

According to Sumaila Manneh, the withdrawal of their candidate is a blow to them as they knew what they had planned. “He has spoilt our plans.”

The area now remains without a candidate. Many people see the pronouncement by the president to punish those who broke out from his party as a way of controlling the electorates. The electorate who see their candidate as their man have shown their anger and asked Yunus lots of questions but he said it is just his wish to drop out of the race despite the support he has. Brikama seems to be mixed up in opinion about politics in the country and their area.

Meanwhile, the race in other areas of Brikama is tense all hoping for the better.

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