Anglican Mission Missing the way 

……. Bishop Johnson monopolizes church and properties-Church Members Claimed

By Sammy Gomez Banjul.

The Anglican Bishop of Banjul responsible for Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia has taken the church as a family property and centered the power on him and his wife, alleges some disgruntled Church Members.

Many Anglican Christians are grumbling as to the way the Bishop is handling the activities of the church. He is accused of having a lot of the activities to his family, wife and himself. It has appeared now as if they are the only two capable bodies in the church.

According to an anonymous church goer, there has been a problem in the way their clergy celebrate Mass in their churches. The bishop who is the sole man in charge of a Cathedral is now leaving the Cathedral to preach at Lamin, a small church situated opposite St. Peter’s Catholic church and school. This according to sources is because the Bishop is not in the good books of those at the Cathedral so he finds an easy way out.

According to sources close to the Church at Serrekunda, the old Church situated at Serrekunda was moved and the plot leased to build market stalls. The money is said to have went into the Bishop’s pocket. The land was given free of charge to the Church by one Miss Mason who owned a large portion of that area. But when the plot was sold nothing was given to her but sources say the bishop after fifteen years, the building will belong to him again and the money for now is not sure where he has sent it.

The land where the new Anglican Church is built opposite Sunu Kerr just behind Elton Petrol Station, part of it was allegedly leased to Elton and not accounted to the church members. The portion is now under Elton who paid for its lease for a number of years.

However, there are some church members critical of his activities like Mr. Gray Johnson who has been writing bulletin and passing it to others for reading. Well meaning Anglicans are asking the Bishop to involve the Church and not him, himself and wife alone and or a chosen few if any. As he is aging, there is no suspicion as to who would take over from him, Fr. Cole or whoever remains a complete reasoned guess.

Attempts to reach Bishop Johnson for comments proved futile. He was indisposed for comments at press time.

Editors note: The said story was published in good faith without malice. We are merely echoing the concerns of some Anglican Church Members. Bishop  Jonson is a man of high standing in The Gambia and if allegations of corruption are leveled against him we deem it imperative to report it for the sake of  public interest.

Bishop Johnson is free to clear his image on these wild allegations brought against him. For now, we shall give him the benefit of the doubt. It would be in his best interest and that of his followers for Bishop Johnson to set the records straight.

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