Amadou Lowe Accuses Michael Scales of being “Jammeh’s undercover agent” to spy Freedom Newspaper!

Lowe also says BB Darboe insists on reporters to email him the transcribed draft of their stories for vetting before

This and more revelations to come!!

Here we come again with more revelations about Amadou Lowe’s sinister plans against our UK friend Michael Scales. Our Bell South official phone records can confirm what we are saying here. Lowe in one of his calls, cunningly tried to prevail on the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper to censor all stories coming from Michael Scales. Lowe claimed that Scales was “an undercover agent.” recruited by the Jammeh government to possibly undermine the Freedom Newspaper and Gambians in the Diaspora.  Lowe pushes  too hard  just to ensure that Scales was send packing by this leading independent paper, which is here to serve all shades of society, irrespective of one’s political opinion. It was Lowe’s firm belief and conviction that the British National was befriending us in a bid to run some “dirty games” for the Jammeh government. That Scales  might possibly had  been hired by the powers that be to “clandestinely” engage in undercover world errands  to achieve his desired objectives. He said Scales should not be given space to meddle into the country’s local politics. One might be compelled to ask if Amadou Lowe is  a staffer of Freedom to make such demands, based on his “free attitude” to twist the arms of independent minded journalists. Lowe lives in a fool’s paradise by trying to make the “impossible” to be possible.  As a point of clarification, Amadou  Lowe is not a staffer of this paper and had no right to interfere with Freedom’s editorial policy. He trespasses people with impunity. No one gave him the license to  meddle into our internal editorial matters. Lowe is the type who never mines  his business.

Frankly speaking, Amadou Lowe is not a true lover of  free expression. He perceives dissenting views as ” treasonable offence.” Lowe went as far as threatening that if the Freedom Newspaper Editorial Board failed to heed to his observations, we shall pay for the price sooner or later. He said he don’t trust Michael Scales for one moment and therefore we should  watch our backs.

Mr.Lowe has started a fight and we are determined to defend ourselves based on the information he volunteered to us “free of charge.” during our short encounter with him. Since Mr.Lowe has decided to breach supposedly a  privilege conversation we had with him about his past unsolicited phone calls regarding Lamarana Jallow’s writings, we deem it necessary to expose “jaharang” about his allegations against Scales and others.

As the saying goes “If you live in a glass’s house, don’t throw stone.” Amadou Lowe was convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that the Freedom Newspaper dares counter his “misguided and erroneous” allegations he leveled against us. Well, he would receive the biggest shock of his life. We are not cowards to be bullied or intimidated.

Interestingly, Lowe never provided any proofs to back up his claims that Michael Scales was a “double agent.” to borrow the expression he used when he contacted us that warm evening. His allegations were rendered “unbelievable and baseless” in view of his failure to furnish us with concrete evidence. At Freedom, we believe in material evidence and not mere “malicious” allegations to fulfill one’s personal ambition of bringing perceived “enemies” down. The Freedom Newspaper cannot be a party to such hate and sinister campaign to discredit a “true friend of the Gambia like Michael Scales.” Scales is an independent reader or writer just like Lamarana Jallow who Lowe is hell bent on smearing their images.

Following his unsuccessful efforts to change our firm editorial policy, Lowe concluded that “if the Freedom Newspaper continues to provoke us, we would be compelled to establish our own paper that would be used to counter the Freedom stories.” We laughed over it on the phone and move on. The Freedom Editor then  made it loud and clear to him that the “Freedom Newspaper had already gain grounds and had loyal readership. That we shall not be intimidated by such remarks, as our media project was purely designed to empower the voiceless Gambian masses. That the coming of any paper would be welcomed by Freedom.”

Micheal Scales extending financial help to the Freedom Newspaper don’t mean that he want to hijack the paper. Little, did Mr.Lowe knows that Scales had never at any given situation tried to dictate to us how to run our paper. He is a freedom fan interested about Gambian affairs. Lowe  started his hate project against  Scales and most recently  Lamarana Jallow. We don’t need Lowe’s advise to run the Freedom Newspaper. This paper had seasoned Editors to manage its affairs.

Thanks to Amadou Lowe, we were able to know that BB Darboe wants reporters to transcribe interviews and email it back to him for vetting before publication. Amadou told us that BB only grants interviews, provided that  Freedom or any other Newspaper for that matter agreed  to email him the first draft of the transcribed interview  for vetting before going to press. This statement of Lowe’s really sounds funny to us, considering BB’S lack of journalistic grounding. We don’t care he had bunch of degrees,  but guess what having degrees in other areas of academia don’t qualify one  to be a journalist. He needs to receive some formal journalistic training before he could policed the media.

During one of our phone conversations, Lowe  said he gave BB  Darboe the Freedom Newspaper phone number, even though he never sought our permission. Fine, no qualms about that. BB never called as  promised by Lowe. Perhaps, he was using BB and Saihou Sabally’s names to reach a truce to drop Lamarana’s revealing stories against his former mentors. We knew that he was out for a mission to silence Lamarana with claims of  luring BB to be interviewed by Freedom. Yet, Lowe wants  us to deny Lamarana the right to free expression. If Lowe thinks that he was applying such tactics to fool us, he better think twice because we are no fools to be used for propaganda purposes. Despite his promises to arraign an interview with BB and Sabally, Lamarana’s pieces were never censored.

For the records, the same Amadou Lowe  told us  earlier that the Freedom Newspaper was incomparable to a sister  paper, which  he uses to  get his “package of lies  and smear campaign” across, even though he raises strong reservations about  the professionalism of  that paper’s  editor. Lowe privately complained about the sister paper’s “lack of audience” and “the editor’s  forced way of “advertising” his stories well before putting them online.” This according to Lowe was all geared towards competing Freedom, which according to him was the “power house of Gambia’s news” when it comes to news dissemination.  Lowe said Freedom was on top of issues,  as far as news gathering and presentation was concerned. He urged our staffers to keep up the good work.

We have no intention of undermining Lowe’s relationship with our sister paper’s colleagues, but what is evident is that Lowe’s  credibility has been shattered due to his flip-flopping games. You cannot say that this paper is bad in terms of content and news presentation and turn around to praise it. Perhaps, lowe’s sudden change of heart could be attributable to his unsuccessful moves to corrupt the Freedom Newspaper.

As a matter of fact, all online papers are doing a fine work. What matters is how we can further extend the already cordial relationship amongst us. Before Lowe informed us about our sister paper’s interview with BB, we were already in  the picture. We also told our colleague that we have no problem with him running Mr.Lowe’s reaction, but we are required  morally to defend ourselves if he resorts to blackmailing tactics. We shall defend ourselves today, tomorrow and day after.

Amadou Lowe as we said earlier,  is insignificant as far as Gambia’s body politics is concerned. Lowe left a bad legacy in Jokadu, where he made unsuccessful attempts to oppose Dr.Manneh. Lowe was rejected by his own people on two occasions, when he contested for the Parliamentary elections during the First Republic. Thanks to his mentor BB Darboe and some PPP bigwigs, Lowe was able to secure a job at the Ministry of Youths and Sports. Lowe’s political ambition was therefore “prematurely” terminated since his own people rejected him. They said they don’t like the man. Period!

Lowe who is suffering from a personality cut problem, always wants to portray himself  as the best. Many of his friends are withdrawing from him due to his “unpredictable” attitude. We heard about BB Darboe’s attempts to secure him status here thanks to Lowe’s bluffs. But Lowe never elaborates about what happened to his pending case. We don’t want to embarrass him but we know what happened. Lowe needs to apologize to us for wronging us. If he had not started the fight, we wouldn’t have exposed some these information he volunteered to us. We are journalists and we never underestimate information. Any information volunteered had side effects. That’s why if people talked to us we listened with curiosity. Always attentive.  A good journalist,  must be a good listener. We rest our case for now!!

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