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A new column is coming up next Monday.The column,Moment with Vision,Gambia in the hands of Gambians will be presented by Our Cassandra. The column will be dedicated to Deyda Hydara,the patriot who replaced or did more than Dixon Colley as the Doyen of Gambian Journalism. His killers will be given more hell in their conscience as there ill intentions would be seen to be in vain as Deyda in heaven now would be more at peace than they the animals covered with human flesh are on earth.

The column would give a classic analysis on the social mishaps in present day Gambia,give an insight into the political and economic catastrophe facing our homeland.We will attempt to put everything into perspective and give Dictator Jammeh real lessons in political science and Governance during his turbulent rule,so as to give him an opportunity to drag our dear Gambia out of the bottomless pit.

It would be educative and informative.It would engulf every pertinent issues of our times and give a balance and fair assessment of the situation our homeland and her people are affected both at home and abroad. Please tune in and lets roll together to bring Deydas killers to justice and reclaim our country from a mobutist ruler who acts as a ruler and not a leader that civilised leaders around the world acts and behaves. Thank you for reading th Freedom Newspaper,the beacon of Gambian liberation.

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, August 28, 2007)
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