What has made the news and still is not solved is Madonna’s adoption of a child. A judge rules on November 28 whether or not Madonna can adopt an African child. How many people are lining up to give some poor child a better life? Yet human rights groups are making it difficult for Madonna to open her heart and home to child so he can have a btter life. It makes me wonder how many of these groups are really concerned for the child or just trying to stop Madonna because of who she is. My hat comes off to Madonna for her concern and effort she has put in, not only for this child, but for others there she has strived to give a chance at a better life. I don’t see a bunch of busybodies who stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong running to help. Whats wrong with this world where we condemn those who are doing something while we do nothing? We talk of being a christian nation yet we don’t want to get involved and condemn those who do. It saddens me to see those doing nothing to complain about someone who is doing all she can to help. Would Christ point a finger at Madonna and tell her she had to adopt a white child? Makes me wonder about some people. The Media was also harsh and condemned Madonna or thought of her actions as someone trying to draw attention to herself. My hope is Madonna will be able to complete this adoption process and all the opposition will just sit down and shut up. Check the story here and here.

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