Editorial cartoon

Do you get this Mike Peters editorial cartoon from October 20, 2006?  It sorta looks like Peters is trying to suggest that the stock market — and, perhaps, by inference, the economy — isn’t doing so well.

But the last time I looked, which was yesterday, I happened to notice that the DOW is at an all-time high, the S&P is near its high and the NASDAQ has more than doubled since its bear market low in 2002.

Could this possibly be a cartoon that was drawn several years ago and accidentally got republished just the other day? Doesn’t seem likely. Well then, maybe the ditzy couple depicted in the cartoon had all their money in a Palestinian small-cap growth fund specializing in Gaza start-ups. That would certainly explain a dismal 401k performance.

What seems more likely, however, is that the cartoonist is a partisan Democrat who can’t bear to give the Bush administration credit for anything, including the undeniably roaring economy and stock market.  The cartoon might have been mildly amusing a few years ago, but now it’s indicative of the cartoonist’s profound cognitive break with reality.

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