brad-pitt-interview-magazine-01By Honey Gillard 

Hollywood’s and Angelina’s Brad Pitt recently sat down with Elvis Mitchell from Interview Magazine and here’s a little glimpse of their discussion, concentrating on the cute kiddos:     

What movies do your kids want to watch over and over again? [The Adventures of] Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D [2005] is real popular in our house. 

What do they think about your movies? Oh, they don’t — they’re not really old enough. Got to keep some distance. Though I wonder what their perspective of the world is — go to the store an there are 20 cameras all fighting for a shot. They just think that wherever you go there are these random bands of crazy people with flash photography. 

How do you feel about that? Truthfully, I think it’s really invasive to kids. There ought to be some kind of law. 

Though there’s a good side, too — when you guys go to a place like Darfur, you get the same kind of coverage. Yeah, we drag that spotlight with us. 

Brad Pitt is the face, or should I say the shirtless man of the March issue of the magazine. 

To read the full interview head down to you local newsagent and pick up an ‘Interview’.  

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