It is hard to believe that it was one year ago today that the Gulf disaster struck. Early reports indicated that a oil rig had a serious problem. As the hours ticked by we learned that 11 people had lost their lives in an explosion and ensuing fire. Everyone in the Gulf region, and indeed across the country was concerned. But, the operators Transocean and BP, and indeed the federal government assured everyone that tragic though the events on the were, the chances of an oil leak were almost zero. BP and Transocean used only the finest equipment and the ‘failsafe’ mechanisms were activated.

In the days that followed the story gradually changed. It started with an admission that just by the serious nature of the rig failure a small amount of oil had indeed been spilled. That small amount kept growing and growing. Increasingly the ‘officials’ took on the look of Pinocchio. Each time they opened their mouths you could see their noses grow.

What started as an unfortunate loss of 11 lives quickly became a full blown ecological disaster. But, the residents of the Gulf region should not be worried. BP’s PEO (Pinocchio Executive Officer) Tony Hayward explained time and time again that BP was going to ‘step up to the plate’, we will fix it!

Don’t believe me?

This was Tony before…


My theory…


And the result…


This is graphic proof that being a PEO can ruin your chances on!

So, here we are one year later. Have BP lived up to their claims? The short answer is NO! There is still oil in the marshlands, there are still many people who have lost their livelihoods, family businesses have closed forever, the fishing fleet is decimated and law suits are growing faster than Tony Hayward’s nose.

There were a plethora of articles written and news segments segments published today on the the subject. But there is one in particular that caught my eye. It was an interview with a local resident and activist Rob Coulon. I just happen to know Rob, and this man is passionate about everything he does.

Last year Jan and I were covering what anyone with an ounce of sense would view as a probable murder. Rob took me to the small Louisiana town where the crime most likely happened. A sleepy Sunday afternoon, and all we did was take some photo’s. I had a bad feeling, and suggested that we get out of Dodge. It was a good move. We learned 30 minutes later that two (probably the entire fleet) of Police cars were searching the area for us!

Rob has stuck with the Gulf oil spill. My hat goes off to him!

Rob is a go getter! Go get em Rob!

Simon Barrett

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