Bangalore Political Action Committee an action body of Citizens has been looked upon as an organization that supports clean politics. However the recent release of the names of 14 candidates to be provided with partial funding of election expenses raises many eye brows.

The list  of 14 candidates endorsed by the BPAC are:

1.Krishna Byregowda (Congress, Byatarayanpura), 

2.BK Chandrashekar (Congress, Basavanagudi)

3.NL Narendra Babu (Congress, Mahalakshmi Layout)

4.Tejswini Gowda (Congress, Bangalore South),

5.Dinesh Gundu Rao (Congress, Gandhinagar),

6.BN Vijaykumar (BJP, Jayanagar), 

7.CN Ashwathnarayan (BJP,Malleshwaram)

8. S Suresh Kumar (BJP, Rajajinagar)

9.Abdul Azeem (JDS, Hebbal),

10.MRV Prasad (JDS, Padmanabhanagar)

11 Michael Fernandes (KJP, Savagnanagar). 

12.Shanthala Damle (Loksatta Party,Basavanagudi)

13.Ashwin Mahesh (Loksatta Party, Bommanahalli),

14.Meenakshi Bharath (Loksatta Party,Malleswaram)

Out of the 14 only 3 belong to a party which has professed to be against corruption (Loksatta). 5 are from Congress where Corruption is the culture. 3 are from BJP, 2 are from JDS and 1 is from KJP, all parties which are also not free from corruption charges.

It is interesting to note that the number of candidates from each of the major political parties have a direct correlation to the pre poll surveys predicting winners.

The exercise at best can be called diplomatic but lacks credibility.

While some of the candidates may deserve to be called clean, if they are in parties where they cannot prevent corruption, then they become passive supporters of corruption. Hence BPAC should have been careful before putting any Congress, KJP, JDS or BJP candidates in the list.

Perhaps the criteria for endorsement ignored the “Clean” tag and focussed only on what they promise to do to Bangalore civic facilities. But where corruption is present, no benefits can accrue to citizens  except at an additional cost. BPAC seems to feel that it is OK to be corrupt if people work. This is a dangerous tendency that provides acceptance to a culture of corruption.


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