Most people think that the Deep Horizon disaster is old news. It was three years ago that the drilling rig disaster happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people lost their lives, that alone was a disaster. Eleven families were devastated. Eleven families had lost not just a loved one, but the major bread winner.

Beyond the personal tragedy was the environmental disaster. While it is impossible to come up with an exact figure, it is thought that somewhere over 200 million gallons of oil made it into the Gulf. The results were devastating. It had a ripple effect, the lucrative sea food industry was out of business, the restaurants that bought the fresh seafood were out of business, the hotels that survived on the Gulf tourism industry were screwed. In fact BP’s disaster basically brought the Gulf region to its knees. In some ways it was even more crippling than Hurricane Katrina.

BP pledged $20 billion to mend the harm inflicted. To a certain extent they were good to their word. However , it seems that BP are welching on the deal, No doubt they are using the theory that people have short memories.

A federal judge has temporarily suspended BP oil spill settlement payments to businesses while he reconsiders the company’s arguments against compensating those that cannot trace losses directly to the nation’s worst offshore oil spill.

Full story here.

Quite frankly I think BP should be permanently banned from drilling in the Gulf, and maybe offshore drilling in all US waters.

Simon Barrett

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