I have to admit that I am rapidly becoming a believer that every time a see a BP or government official spew forth the latest update, I see their nose’s grow. BP had to remove Tony Hayward, his nose would no longer fit on the CNN TV set!

The well is capped, well sort of. Oil is no longer spewing out from the sea floor. And low and behold, the shrimping season has started. Of course there are no safe places to go fishing.

The crab industry is in equal disarray.

One set of ‘experts’ claims that 75% of the oil has magically disappeared. Another set of experts claims that 75% is still swirling around the Gulf. Who is right?

Actually the people who know, are the people that live in the region. And they are not happy. The story portrayed on TV is not the real one.

I would like to put a question to everyone. It does not matter if 75% of the oil remains, or 75% of it has disappeared. Everyone is in agreement that a percentage has gone away. But where did it go? Evaporation is a term that has been mentioned. High School science lessons talk about evaporation. Generally evaporation involves water, through the process, clouds are formed, the water cools, and returns to earth as rain. This process has been going on for millions of years. For the most part there is nothing sinister in it. It is nature doing what nature does.

In the 1980’s we were introduced to the concept of ‘acid rain’. We were putting so many chemicals into the air from our industrial endeavors that some were returning to earth as unwelcome guests in the rain drop. Usually this effect happened thousands of miles from the source. And while not good for the environment, it was more of a subject to grumble about rather than worry about.

The BP oil disaster is a different beast. It is something that everyone in the gulf region needs to take very seriously. Last week I stumbled across a radio program, the hosts were not scientists. In fact I am not sure that they had even hosted a program before! But what they lacked in radio ability they made up for in content.

BP has tried their best to perform ‘Damage Control’, that has taken several forms. All of them have had one common thread, money, and the spin that money can buy. I have lots of friends in Florida, and mean them no disrespect, but..

Florida was given $75 million so that a series of tourism ad’s could be made explaining that Florida beaches were not effected by the disaster. I am surprised that Iowa hasn’t cashed in because oil prices have gone up, and it is costing them more money to get their Corn to market!

BP seems to be happy to throw their dollars around, hell, a billion here, a billion there, its all chump change. Are these dollars being well spent? I love watching videos of the pristine Florida beaches, but how much real help could that $75 million done in an area on the coastline of Louisiana?

The radio program that I found last week opened my eyes to an even deeper problem than just Simon Barrett having a good rant. The entire program can be heard here, however the really telling segment is here. The program was produced by The Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana CHSL RADIO and BNN thanks CHSL for permitting us to use the material.

Rumors have abounded for weeks that BP has been in high gear with their ‘damage control’, through Non Disclosure Agreements etc, they have been able to manage the flow of information. By and large the independent voice has been silenced.

These enterprising investigators in the radio program have gone the extra mile. Their findings about particulates in the local rain water are shocking and very disturbing. In fact their whole journey of exploration gives one pause for thought. It transpires that it was no easy task to even find a laboratory willing to take the task of analysis on.

Some of the substances isolated, and the amounts should be of major concern to everyone involved. Many people think of aluminum as a harmless metal that is very benign and part of our everyday life. It is not! In particulate form it is a neurotoxin.

Listen and be concerned!

Simon Barrett

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