Every where I look I am bombarded by hand picked BP employees telling me how comitted they are to cleaning up the Gulf.

My name is (fill in the blank) I was born here on the Gulf, this is my home, and BP is committed to staying here as long as it takes… blah blah blah….

What does all of the damage control PR equate to? A pile of Bull to the people impacted directly and indirectly!

BP are crowing about the enormous amount of money that they have already spent, and the amount of money still in escrow. But how is this money being spent? In some ways it is reminiscent of the government and those little bits of ‘pork’ put into bills.

I for one would love to hear an explanation of how giving $75 million to the Tourism Board in Florida to fund advertising helps the clean up effort is beyond me. OK, $75 million is a relative drop in the $3 billion spent, but it did not save a single oil stained bird, it did not pick up a single tar ball. It is pure pork.

If I was cynical I might view that $75 million as a payoff. I might also wonder how many others there are?

If you watch CNN for 30 minutes you will get what seems like 15 minutes of BP adverts and 30 seconds of very ‘soft’ reporting. The cynical part of me again begs the question, how much are BP paying for these adverts to air? Is this once again money doing the talking?

If that $75 million plus whatever they are paying for their TV ads was put into the hands of local communities to directly address the pollution how much could be achieved?

I would rather see $100 spent on resolving a small but quantifiable problem than $1000 spent telling us how hard they are working to spend that $100.

Am I wrong?

I would love to hear what readers think.

Simon Barrett

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