Boys Come Prepared with “Rape Kit” 

Two Others Act as Lookouts 

What is Juvenile Crime?

Armed with a “rape kit,” two boys, ages 11 and 14, broke into a 60-year-old woman’s house. They wore gloves and bandanas to cover their faces. Two accomplices, a 15 year-old girl and 16 year-old boy stood outside as lookouts.

Austin Police Det. Scott Stanfield said it was the most unusual sexual assault case he’s investigated because of the ages of the suspects and the sophistication and deception involved. Some of the suspects whom police interviewed were able to “lie without emotion,” he said. [1]

One of the boys attempted to sexually assault the woman but stopped when her heart device was triggered.

Both boys have been released from the Gardner Betts Juvenile Detention Center on the condition that they wear electronic monitoring devices.

This story drew our attention as the two suspects were juveniles, well beneath the age of being tried as adults. The rape kit, gloves and bandanas, showed premeditation on the part of whomever planned this crime.

According the publication, Adolescent Psychiatry, juveniles are responsible for far more sex offenses than the general public is probably aware of.

Sex offending behavior perpetrated by youth is not a rare phenomenon. Indeed, about half of all adult sex offenders are thought to have initiated their criminal careers during adolescence. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), juveniles were arrested for approximately 12.4% of all forcible rapes committed in 2001 (FBI, 2002).

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Two Boys, Ages 11 and 14, Charged with Attempted Rape of 60-Year-Old Woman 


Two Boys, Ages 11 and 14, Charged with Attempted Rape of 60-Year-Old Woman

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