Lead Feministing blogger Jessica Valenti, author of Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters, criticizes Abstinence Education in her recent blog post Abstinence-only Education: What we’re missing. She makes some valid points, but what most interested me was her citing a 2004 Ms. Magazine article called Virgin Territory–Ms. goes to an abstinence conference and learns that it pays to be chaste. According to the article:

“Your body is a wrapped lollipop.

“When you have sex with a man, he unwraps your lollipop and sucks on it.

“It may feel great at the time, but, unfortunately, when he’s done with you, all you have left for your next partner is a poorly wrapped, saliva-fouled sucker.

“These words were actually uttered by Darren Washington, an abstinence educator, at the Eighth Annual Abstinence Clearinghouse Conference, an informational three-day trade show for abstinence educators, anti-abortion pregnancy care centers and medical professionals.

“Washington was giving examples of how to teach abstinence. He then called up volunteers from the audience and used an actual lollipop to help deliver the metaphor.”

In other words, females are pure and good, until they’re defiled and ruined by filthy males and their base, animal desires. What a nice message for my teenage son–and yours. And it’s not the feminists who are pushing this stuff–it’s conservatives.

Glenn Sacks, www.GlennSacks.com

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