The press has been all over the 17 minute video released by the Taliban of the handover of Bergdahl to the special forces. Of course showing a 17 minute video would cause major disruption to advertising revenues so it mostly has been pruned down to a 2 minute highlights version.

I was curious, what did the other 15 minutes have on it? So I went sleuthing. My linguistics skills are limited, so I have no clue what the narrator is saying, but there is still much to be learned from the video itself.

This was not taken by a cell phone. Also the post production was not done by a novice. I can’t name the software involved in the editing process, but it looks like it was done by some high quality product. Also it was done by someone that clearly knew what they were doing.

The camera work may not be up to Hollywood standards, but the person behind the lens was very good, considering it was mostly hand held (no tripod was hurt).

It is the editing that I find more interesting. You can often find more answers in what is missing than what  is seen. The editing was not done by some Goat Herder in a cave. The finished product is too slick, and hit the market too quick.

While I am sure that the Alphabets (those three letter government agency’s) are working on this angle, I will offer this observation. Find the video editor and the rest will fall into place.

Simon Barrett

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