I like most people knew virtually nothing about the Bounty Hunting business until I met one. While in Phoenix I met an Ex bounty hunter, he was working as the fix it man and security in a dive bar. His fix it skills might have left a few things to be desired, but there was no question that he was the ‘go to man’ when someone had out worn their welcome in the bar. Tex was not a violent man by nature, but he certainly had a pressense. About the worst thing I saw him do was demonstrate his Taser, and accidentally Taser the front tire of his wifes car! It was flat several hours later, and boy was his wife angry! Tex had lots of delightful tales of derring do, I have no idea how many were real and how many were Memorex, but they were all entertaining.

My next encounter was vicarious, the Discovery Channel started their ‘reality’ TV series about Duane Dog Chapman. While it was mildly entertaining it just did not seem to speak of real life.  I found it somewhat unlikely that Dog and his (Rambo like dressed) bunch of assistants could possibly make a living busting petty drug criminals that have missed a court date. Hell it must cost him a fortune just to buy the Duracell batteries for his gizmos, never mind put food on the plates for his seemingly endless army.

Just over eight months ago my wife and I started covering the search for Haleigh Cummings. Initially we had one of of stringers working on it, we had our hands full with the Caylee Anthony case. Somehow, Jan and I got way more involved in this story than we intended. It was through the search for Haligh Cummings that we got to know William Cobra Staubs. I have no idea how many hours I have spent talking to Cobra, but he is no longer just a contact, he is a good friend.

I have had a number of discussions on the subject of the Bail Bond industry both with Cobra and some other Bondsmen. It is a complex industry. Rigidly regulated in certain areas, and the wild west in other areas. To add to the confusion is that each state also adds its own unique touches to the laws.

Our program will be looking specifically at the Florida situation.

Let me give you an example of just one strange legal issue that exists. By legislation a Bail Bond company must charge the client 10% of the required bond, no more, and no less. However there is no specific time frame for that payment to be made. In some cases the client does not have the 10% in cash or assets, sometimes the Bond company will set up a weekly or monthly payment plan. Let us say that the client offers $100 per week on a $500 bill. The client reneges on the deal and only pays the first $100. Did you know that the Bondsman cannot revoke the bond for non payment? It is in the law!

He can revoke the bond for pretty much any reason, but not for non performance on the fee!

We are also going to be talking about what legal powers the Bail Bond industry has in finding someone who has broken the terms of their bond. When is it permissible to ‘kick in a door’, operating in a state other than the one that the bond was issued in, and of course, what relationship exists between the Bail Bond Industry and Law Enforcement.

There are many misconceptions about this industry, its function, its governance, and its regulation.

The one thing I can guarantee is that you will learn a great deal by tuning into our BNN special on Saturday October/24 at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern. The link to the show is here. Alternatively you can point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com at 1pm central (2pm eastern) on Saturday October/24, the link will be on the front page.

We are still finalizing the panel, but it will consist of several Florida based Bondsmen. This program actually sprang out of an interview that I conducted recently with William Cobra Staubs where he gave me a crash course in the subject. That article can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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