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After a busy week in the Haleigh Cummings abduction case where the last person to see the 6-year-old Satsuma girl who’s been missing since February failed her 4th polygraph, a Bounty Hunter involved in the Caylee Anthony case Sunday made an open offer to assist Misty Croslin-Cummings, on a radio program.’s  Simon and Jan Barrett host a weekly internet radio show on Sunday afternoons at 4pm ET where the topic has been the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. This Sunday’s panel included Emmy Award-winning journalist Art Harris, crime author Denny Griffin, Private Investigator WIlliam “Cobra” Staubs, Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and me, WSKY’s TJ Hart.

The program recapped the week’s events including Misty’s failed polygraph test and other tests that she requested Texas EquuSearch to conduct in an attempt to clear her name, accusations her brother Tommy may have been connected and his subsequent questioning and a fruitless ground search on a piece of land marked by a plastic rose.

After the recap, I challenged listeners to think for a moment from the perspective of Misty whose life has impacted by sexual abuse at the hands of family members, a low level of education, being raised by drug addicted parents and who just might have been threatened with lethal force the night of Haleigh’s abduction.  I also brought up the idea that Misty might not need another polygraph or an attorney, but rather and advocate.

At that point of the program, host Simon Barrett injected Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla into the conversation. Padilla agreed that Misty probably needs a friend right now.

I asked Padilla if he had any suggestions. He responded by offering his help to Misty if she wanted it.

Padilla suggested taking her away from her surroundings for safety reasons–perhaps flying her to Canada in order to get some straight answers and to provide her an attorney.

Journalist Art Harris added that Misty is fragile, scared and might be suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome right now.

Leonard Padilla is also a figure in the Caylee Anthony case in Orlando.

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