The man accused of kidnapping his 7 year daughter, Reigh Rockefeller and led police on a week long manhunt is to be interviewed by Los Angeles police that are investigating the disappearance of a Los Angeles couple more than 20 years ago. The question is that the same man that claims to be Clark Rockefeller seems to not even be his true identity.

Rockefeller is being held in Boston after he was extradited. He has been charged with kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and endangering a minor.

LA homicide detectives want to talk to Rockefeller about the disappearance of Jonathan Sohus, 26 and his wife Linda, 28. They disappeared from their home in San Marino in 1985.

Police thinks Rockefeller could actually be a man named Christopher Crowe Mountbatten Chichester which has been a suspect in the disappearance of the California couple. He had claimed to be the son of a British aristocrat and he rented the guest house belonging to the Sohus’s on their property.

District Attorney Daniel Conley claims that the fingerprints taken from Rockefeller match those of Charles Smith who has a criminal record. The name Charles Smith is one of the many aliases that Rockefeller has possibly used that makes investigators want to find out his true identity according to

Going back to the case of the missing couple, they vanished from their home in 1985. reports that they had talked of going on an extended trip to Europe and Jonathan’s mother received a postcard from the couple apparently sent from Paris. They never came back to San Marino though and they slowly became a thing of the past in the neighborhood until 1994. Did Sohus owned the home that the couple lived in. She later sold the house and moved to a trailer home where she died a few years later. The new owners of the home were building a swimming pool when the worked dug up human remains.

The authorities were called and there was speculation that the body found, which was identified as an adult male, was that of Jonathan Sohus. Unfortunately they could never conclusively identify the remains so the case went cold once again.

Tuesday two Los Angeles County homicide detectives went to Boston with hopes of finally shedding a light on the couple’s disappearance. They are saying that Rockefeller is not a suspect in the San Marino case but Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore described him as a “person of interest in the John and Linda Sohus missing persons homicide case.”

He said detectives are trying to figure out if Rockefeller is Christopher Chichester who was once a well known personality in San Marino. They say he disappeared from San Marino soon after the couple disappeared. Police have since been unable to locate him and question him about the case.

Jan Barrett

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