Fire officials have stated that small amounts of asbestos were released into the air following the recent burst steam pipe by Edward W. Brooke Courthouse on New Chardon Street. Debris and asphalt was sent flying into the air, and small amounts of the potentially deadly carcinogenic asbestos were also released into the air according to some officials.

Dust that scattered around the area was found to contain asbestos stated one official. A specialist team has been called in so that a careful cleanup of the area can be carried out. Steve MacDonald, spokesman for the Fire Department, stated: “When it ruptured, it blew the steam up through the road.”

No injuries were sustained as a result of the burst steam pipe according to reports, but a building had to be evacuated and the street had to be closed off. Trigen-Boston Energy Corp is the company that owns the steam pipe that burst in the early afternoon hours.

According to an official from the company there was no asbestos released into the air, but the asbestos insulation that was covering the steam pipe caused traces of the substance to be present in debris and dust that resulted from the incident.

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