Prominent Laredo businessman and his son remain hostages after their weekend abductions
Attack on Americans on private ranch may signal shift in Laredo-area violence

This is just the latest in a long, long series, but which doesn’t get much coverage because it is a strictly local story. American residents used to cross over often and freely, but after a number of incidents of people walking into a buzz-saw of violence… well, not so much any more, and not hard to see why. No one cares much, except for those who live in the borderlands. And they care, because the border violence is seeping north, and following them home, and occuring right in their back yards, in their own neighborhoods, in the rental house across the street.

Up to a point, you can look away, and tell yourself that what is going on is none of your business. It might not be healthy to take notice, after all… the very least that can happen is that the chatterati, and the ivory-tower sort will look sniffily down their aristocratic noses and call you a nativist, or a racist, or chide you for being insufficiently appreciative of our multicultural society… and after all, we are all immigrants, aren’t we?

The note of happily cultured superiority gets harder and harder to maintain, and the people who work along the border— like this guy — don’t even bother trying.

Not when things like this are happening, apparently routinely

It’s just as much a problem along the Texas borderlands; once, ranchers were inclined to look the other way, at the occasional border-crosser, to give them water and food because they were just polite, and hard-working folks going north, careful to close the gates and generally otherwise law-abiding. But the trickle became a flood, and now the border ranchers must be armed at all times, never leave a structure unlocked, and fear to go outside after dark. And no one can agree on any effective solution, or even that this might be a problem.

I wrote about this situation here, previously.

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