For those of us who chose to watch 24 this week, we were horrified to see a nuclear explosion on American Soil. What we don’t want to face, is that a scenario where nuclear weapons are being used on American Soil is not as far fetched as we wished it was.

As Americans, we have a serious issue, and that issue is a failure to protect our country from illegal immigrants and criminals that may be crossing the border illegally from both Canada and Mexico. The situation on the border is so bad, that we have National Guard troops retreating from armed Mexicans.

As one candidate running for the Republican Ticket has stated:

There is no doubt that America is facing an illegal immigration crisis. Currently, there are at least 12 million illegal aliens living in America I am absolutely opposed to amnesty or guest worker program in any form. In addition to rewarding those who broke our laws, amnesties simply do not solve the problem of illegal immigration. The only realistic solution to the problem of illegal immigration is a strategy of attrition, which seeks to reduce the flow of the illegal alien population over time by cutting off the incentives for coming to and staying in America – most importantly by eliminating the jobs magnet.

The Mexican authorities are telling us that they are stopping all of the Arabs from crossing the borders. After all, the Mexicans know that as soon as something like another Oklahoma City happens in America, and it’s linked to someone crossing the border from Canada or Mexico, that America will have real border enforcement. After a few thousand people die, we might finally get around to doing what we should have been doing all along.

Naturally, the Mexican government doesn’t want that. They are doing too well under the work relocation plan they have now. Send Mexicans to the US to work, so they will send American dollars home to Mexico to bring more Mexicans over to America. Why have a welfare program, when you can just export the problem (illegally) to America.

However, what if it becomes harder to spot a non-Hispanic person crossing the border. Sometimes it’s easy, they don’t speak Spanish or dress in Hispanic normal clothing. What if they has somewhere to train to act like Hispanics… somewhere like Venezuela. Venezuela, who is Iran friendly, and has a Hezbollah presence within her borders… and IS actively training terrorists to blend into the Hispanic population.

Next thing you know, you’ll have a guy who looks Hispanic, acts Hispanic, but secretly has a prayer rug and practices Jihad.

At this point, I’ve given up all hope that President Bush will secure the border. He may be viewed as hard on Terror, but he is neglecting homeland security, and I fear that will come back and bite us all in the backside.

Because I believe that Homeland Security, and Border Security are just as important as winning in Iraq, I have to endorse Tom Tancredo for President in 2008.

I fully understand that Tancredo is a one trick pony, and his only issue is the border. However, I do not feel that any other candidate has sufficiently addressed the issue. I also don’t really think that Tancredo has the ability to win the Republican ticket, because he is a one trick pony.

However, if by backing him, we can get a real discussion about immigration reform, and border security… then it will be time well spent.

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