As a book reviewer I rarely look at what Amazon might have to say. In fact in late 2012 they took the rather strange step of deleting sensible reviews but leaving the useless one liners:

Great book, could not put it down – John Smith (Authors brother)

This kind of review, and I use the term ‘review’ very loosely, does nothing to assist the would be reader in deciding to buy a book. Occasionally though there is a review on Amazon that while not ‘on target’ as a review, does shed insights into the author.

I have known Mr. Wayne Vinson for nearly 35 years. I have fond memories of him at our old IRS office. He used to type notes to his employees on an old manual typewriter using scrap paper he found around the office because he didn’t like to waste paper. He typed because nobody could read his writing.

It is with shear disbelief that Mr. Vinson, an unpretentious country boy and history buff, was able write such a spell gripping story line with pages that will surely capture the imagination of anyone who reads it. This book has it all. A murder mystery “who done it” with hints of “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the introductory chapters, spine chilling action throughout and an unpredictable finish at the end.

Well done, Wayne. This one is destined for the big screen. I can’t wait for your next novel.

While this review does not tell the reader much about the actual book, it does give us a glimpse into the author and his background. In this particular case I happen to know the author Wayne Vinson. In fact a week or so ago I had a long conversation with him on the subject of typewriters. I happen to like the good old Typewriter and up until 5 years ago was the proud owner of more than 20 of them. Here are just a few:


According to his wife Mary when Wayne decided to write Tax Collectors And Other Sinners it was his trusty typewriter that he turned to. After prodding and cajoling Mary persuaded Wayne that using a new fangled computer with a word processor was a better solution.

In late December 2013 I was chatting with Wayne and we decided to collaborate on some IRS related stories. The concept was simple, I would send my questions in email, and he would send back the answers.

I don’t check my email very often, can you send them to Mary

It seemed a reasonable request, as not everyone is glued to the computer 24 hours a day. I created a Word document with some questions and sent it as an attachment. The next day I received a response as a PDF attachment. It took another phone call to figure out what was going on. Wayne was writing his answers, printing them out, Mary was scanning the documents on her computer and sending them on to me!

The Amazon reviewer was correct, Wayne loves paper! I have never seen his home office, but I will just bet it is bulging at the seams with filing cabinets!

Of course I have little room to talk, the only part of my house that does not have computer junk, books or DVDs piled up in is the bathroom. The one thing we have in common is we are both modern day Luddites and proud of it! While I probably own more computer junk than most people, I am proud to say that I do not own a cell phone. My phone is old, white, with big buttons, and plugs into the wall. In the event of a power outage, it still works, which is more than can be said for my wife’s spiffy cordless one!

Oh, and the Amazon reviewer had it right, Tax Collectors And Other Sinners is a fabulous read.

Wayne Vinson was an IRS agent for 33 years and the author of a real thriller, Tax Collectors and Other Sinners, the story of a psycho killing tax collectors. It is available at as an E-book or soft cover.

Simon Barrett

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