Confessions Of A Blog Talk Radio Host

This was a book that I could not avoid! I saw causes potentially clashing issues. Both Jon and I are users of the Blog Talk Radio platform. I was curious as to how Jon and I might agree or disagree. Bottom line, we agree!

Running a  program is easy, you schedule it, dial in at the appropriate time, what could possibly go wrong? Well I sort of fell into that idea in 2008. There are no end of potential issues.

It did not take me long to find the errors of my ways!

Sure Blog Talk Radio is a leveling platform, anyone can set up a program. What some people misunderstand is that access and execution are two very different situations. I assumed that I knew everything! But I did not!

I licked my wounds and decided to move forward. As Jon says, PREP PREP PREP.

This is the key. It is a cold day in hell that I have not done my research on a guest that will be on my program. We live and learn.

Although Jon Hansen and I have different targets in using Blog Talk Radio, we seem to share a common goal.

At under 150 pages, Your Show Will Go Live In 5 Seconds is an interesting read. It was in late 2008 that I shared the idea with my wife that my next mission was to conquer radio! As I recall, Jan rolled her eyes and suggested that I might be better off getting a part time job bagging groceries at the local supermarket!

Radio is fun, the big difference between the regular stuff and the internet stuff is simple. Terrestrial is here and gone, you have had your 2 minutes of glory. You have been squished between the Weather and Traffic report. BTR offers a unique platform, it is recorded and made available as a free streaming download.

Am I objective? Well some might say no! Actually I am objective, probably more so than most people. I know the BTR platform quite well, I have been a user of it since 2008.

If you are going to be the ‘next big thing’ on radio, I suggest that you read Your Show Will Go Live In 5 Seconds.

Even the title has a story behind it! Jon and I might disagree on a few details, I refer to the last 5 seconds as the NASA countdown, and the person that asks you for your PIN number is a well educated and sophisticated English lady (possibly a member of the Royal Family), but other than that, I am in total agreement with Jon Hansen. BTR is a great platform, but it is up to you as the host to do the work.

I do many 30 minute interviews, it sounds easy. What could possibly go wrong in 30 minutes? The answer is LOTS. It usually takes me several hours to prepare for a 30 minute segment.

If you are a Blog Talk Radio host (or want to be), take some time and read Your Show Will Go Live In 5 Seconds.

To get your own copy of the book just use the amazon link above.

Happy Broadcasting

Simon Barrett




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