Mastering The New Rules Of Risk-Taking In Work And Life

Let me pose a question, what brings about success and happiness? It was with this question on my mind that I read Libby Gill’s new book You Unstuck. I think I know the answer that Libby would propose, change and risk taking are the two key elements. Yet these two simple works strike fear into many people. Change itself can be a panic inducing event, yes there is the adrenalin rush that something new induces, but to many it is outweighed by the fear of the unknown. Then we have ‘risk taking’, there is a fear that the risk may outweigh the benefits, what will happen if the risk creates an unintended consequence?

Libby Gill explains that neither change nor risk-taking should be feared, but both should be embraced and understood. Also to a large extent both can be managed. If the correct planning is performed you can predict the outcome. Early in the book there is one of my favorite quotes from Sir Winston Churchill:

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

A major stumbling block is what Libby Gill refers to as the Immediate Negative Response (INR). This is something ingrained in us, when faced with something new and outside of our experience we tend to want to say no, even create a rationalization of why we should not do something. It might be something as simple as trying a new food, or something as life changing as starting our own business.

You Unstuck is a wide ranging book, it looks at far more than just careers and wealth building, relationships, friendships, even health are discussed.

One section that caught my eye was on the subject of friendships,  and how they often form from unlikely occurrences. In Libby Gill’s case she contacted Bob Burg, a well known author and motivational speaker to ask if he would agree to doing a podcast interview. Without reservation he agreed. Not only did Libby Gill get her interview, they continue to talk, in fact Bob Burg has even helped her in her career. All it took was confidence and a little risk taking! In fact when I read this part I thought about my current circle of close friends, one is a well known guest on CNN, and the other a very well known Bounty Hunter! We talk most days, and were it not for the fact that I reached out, actually I was researching an article, I would never have got to know these wonderfully colorful characters. Risk is good!

Although careers are not the main focus of the book, it is a subject that is discussed. Once again, we find many people in jobs they hate, but the fear of the unknown prevents them from changing, the risk is too great! Libby Gill looks at several people who have taken the risk and who have succeeded in their quest. I know it is possible to do, because I did it! After 30 years in the computer industry I hung up my screwdriver (logical and physical) and became an interviewer and journalist! I talk to the strangest people, and have a wonderful time. Sure it does not pay as well as the corporate grind, but boy it is fun.

If you are looking at improving the quality of your life I suggest that you try this book, it might just give you the confidence to rethink your attitudes about risk taking.

You can get your copy of You Unstuck from Amazon. Libby Gill also has a web site in support of this book.

Simon Barrett

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