She saw him at the craps table. Western clothing in style, but it was the fancy haircut that drew her attention. It stood out and commanded attention from anywhere in the room. Clearly the man is a long way from home as he you can call me luckyworks the craps table in the casino in Michigan. He’s noticed her as well in You Can Call Me Lucky by Lawrence Block.



There is a game at work here between these two that has nothing to do with craps or casino action. Much more can’t be said without ruining the story. It is a complicated and quite the read from setup to finish. Billed as the third read in the Kit Tolliver stories, You Can Call Me Lucky has a lot going on in these fourteen pages and is well worth it.



You Can Call Me Lucky (Kit Tolliver #3)

Lawrence Block

Amazon Digital Services


April 2013


14 Pages




According to Amazon I picked this up back at the end of January. I have no idea now if I got it as a free read offered by the author or by way of funds in my Amazon Associate account.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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