A Simple Way To Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential

I have to begin with a confession, if there was a support group ‘Books Anonymous’ I would likely be their poster child. Black letters on a white background are my cocaine! When one considers the fact that more than 300,000 new titles are published in the US every year, I never need to worry where my next hit is coming from:).

I don’t tend to do a great many reviews on books in the ‘self improvement’ genre, as most are mainly just a rehash of the same boring formula that has been used bu thousands of other authors.

There was something though that attracted me to You Already Know How To Be Great, it did not come across as the usual ‘you too can become a millionaire in three easy steps’.

A conversation with Alan Fine confirmed my instincts, Although he was on a business trip to New York, he found time to talk with me. He was very down to earth and a truly interesting gentleman. I knew that You Already Know How To Be Great was in my future.

I was not disappointed, the book turned out to be even more than I had expected. Although Alan Fine’s company InsideOut Development is primarily aimed at corporate executive level coaching, this book is aimed at everyone, parent, teacher, sports player, are just a few examples.

Like all great ideas the greatness lays in the simplicity. In fact early in the book he tells a delightful story from his days being a tennis coach, his student was an 11 year old girl who was truly struggling to grasp the rudiments of the game. Both Alan and the young lady were reaching increasingly higher levels of frustration. Alan was sure that his coaching methods were sound, proper grip, proper stance, proper stroke, yet his student could not put all of the components together.

In a eureka moment the problem became clear. He was asking a great deal of the student, there were too many moving parts. He suggested that the girl forget all of the technical stuff, just think about ‘bounce’ and ‘hit’. The results were immediate. By removing the roadblocks of complexity, success was within reach.

I rather liked this story and indeed it does indeed reflect on Alan Fine’s philosophy. People often struggle and fail because a task seems insurmountable. However if it is broken down into manageable chunks the finish line can be reached. As the Chinese proverb says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Many years ago as a young boy a wise mentor told me that the word ‘can’t’ should not be in the English language, it is a word of personal defeat. I am sure that Alan Fine agrees.

There are many elements that I really liked in You Already Know How To Be Great, maybe the most important one is the personal approach that Alan Fine takes. Many of the examples cited in the book are his own life experiences, both personal and professional. From dealing with a pair of rambunctious two year olds, to equally rambunctious corporate executives, Alan Fine has tackled them all.

You Already Know How To Be Great is not only educational, but also entertaining. There are many peeks into the Alan Fine that corporate America likely does not see in his training seminars. In fact I think Alan Fine should write an autobiography, his life story is fascinating, from Tennis coach, to Golf coach, to corporate coach. I’ll even be so pretentious as to offer a subtitle this unwritten book, From Fault Lines To Bottom Lines, The Links To Success!

You Already Know How To Be Great is well worth reading, you can order your copy from Amazon by using the link above, I also recommend that you check out Alan Fines company website InsideOut.com.

Simon Barrett

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