As legend has it there is a vengeful spirit named Michi Peshu, or Windigo. That terrible creature will call your name before it satiates its hunger for human flesh by first ripping your heart from your chest and then consuming it and the rest of your body. It is said to dwell in Lake Superior and the surrounding area, but to prefer Windigo Island over the surrounding area. It is that small island where late one night the body of a local Indian girl, Carrie Verga, arrives to terrorize three boys who were on the island because of a middle of the night dare.

Carrie Verga was a young runaway are many of the girls of the local tribes. She took off with a young girl by the name of Mariah Arceneaux. She is distant family to Cork O’Connor’s friends Rainy and Henry Meloux. As is Daniel English who has brought word of what happened and is requesting help. While the girls vanished over a year ago, the discovery of Carrie’s body has spurred her mother who has significant health and other issues to turn to Daniel Silva for help. They need Cork O’Connor’s help in locating Mariah and bringing her back home. He is reluctant as there is so little to go on and after recent events he does not want to start poking around in a new case. Jenny clearly wants to help and because of that Cork agrees to check a few things out and see if anything can be discovered.
What follows is a very complicated tale full of spirituality and nuance featuring complicated characters and a complex far reaching plot. Broken into three distinct sections, the point of view shifts from Cork O’Connor to Jenny and then back to Cork O’Connor. A distinct point of the middle section in the consideration by Jenny of how her father has changed over the years and when or even if the taking of a life is justified. One gets the sense that the author might be considering a spin off type series featuring Jenny. If so, such a series could prove very interesting as there is much material to work with her back story as well as by way of what happens in this novel.

Windigo Island: A Novel is another good one from William Kent Krueger. Once again he pays tribute to the land and its people while also delivering a mighty good mystery.
Windigo Island: A Novel
William Kent Krueger
Atria Books (Simon and Schuster)
ISBN# 978-1-4767-423-5
345 Pages
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Kevin R. Tipple © 2014

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