Speed of meal preparation is all the rage these days and is evidenced here as well both in terms of the series and this book. The longest section of the book opens the cookbook with “30 Minutes Start To Finish.” With delectable choices such as “herbed flank steak with tomatoes,” “florentine t-bone with spinach,” or “orange-chipotle chicken with corn,” “tuna steaks with ginger aioli,” and many other mouthwatering delights which are also fairly easy to cook, you may never make it to the second section “15 minutes hands on time.”

As implied by the title of the section, these mouth watering recipes are designed for a longer cooking time which leaves the cook free to mingle with guests, watch the ball game, or just relax. Whether you are making the “jerk pork tenderloin” or “chicken with tuscan herbs” one has to remember to occasionally wander back to the grill and flip the meat.

The third section is titled “make more to store” and takes the earlier recipes and explains how one can store in the refrigerator various amounts for consumption later in the week. Freezing is not recommended for any of the recipes in the book and that continues here as well. Other recipes not seen before are also included and detailed such as the enticing one on “vegetable quesadillas.”

If you aren’t starving by the time you make it to the back of the book and are still looking, you will find a detailed section covering grilling basics. Unlike many cookbooks devoted to grilling, those of us who use charcoal aren’t left out and are in fact encouraged in this section. Indoor grilling is also covered along with detailed explanations of marinades, rubs, sauces and glazes, etc. as well as meal planning tips in terms of minutes or number of folks coming over.

Equally informative is the last section on what should be in your pantry, what can be stored for how long opened or not, and the general cooking tips that apply to grilling food as well as other cooking methods.

This fantastic cookbook which is the latest volume of a series closes with an easy to use index. At 112 pages, this book published through Oxmoor House is short but packs a powerful punch. It details easy recipes, beautifully photographed finished dishes, and plenty of valuable cooking tips which should serve to inspire your next meal.

Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast: Grilling

Recipes by Rick Rodgers

General Editor Chuck Williams


ISBN# 0-8487-3145-X


112 Pages


Kevin R. tipple © 2008

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