Maybe, like a lot of people who dismissed Joe Camp’s idea of making a movie starring a dog, you are a reader who says, “who wants to read about making a movie that starred a dog?” But this book is so much more than a story about a dog or about making a movie. Like Camp’s previous book, The Soul of a Horse, this one is full of insight and inspiration.

Granted, not everyone wants to buck Hollywood and the odds to make a movie, but everyone has a dream of some sort, and this book encourages people to fight for that dream. Work for that dream. Even if it takes half a lifetime to make it come true. 

Joe Camp, the man behind the canine superstar Benji believes that anything is possible if you work hard enough and have faith in yourself. He was told by everyone in the industry that his idea for a movie that starred a dog would not work. People suggested animation, or making the people the stars, but that is not the dream Camp had for his project. Those who loved the original Benji film and its sequels are so glad that he held fast to his dream. 

Who Needs Hollywood is an incredible story of slammed doors, rejection, ridicule, and the tenacity that resulted in the production of “Benji”, the third-highest grossing movie of the year. It details Camp’s early foray into scriptwriting and his many attempts to break into the business in Hollywood, while working in advertising in Dallas. It is written with candor, and at times a self-effacing humility, and is a refreshing break from some celebrity books that are “all about me.”

Camp has written, produced and directed seven theatrical motion pictures (including all of the Benji movies) cumulatively grossing well over the equivalent of $600 million in today’s dollars, making him one of the most successful independent filmmakers of all time. He has also written three novels from his own screenplays, the inspirational non-fiction book Benji & Me, and several children’s books.

Who Needs Hollywood is an inspiring insight into how to make things happen, against all odds, and confirmation that every dream is, in fact, possible.

·  Paperback: 284 pages

·  Publisher: 14 Hands Press (July 1, 2010)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-10: 1930681003

·  ISBN-13: 978-1930681002






Review by Maryann Miller – Maryann’s Web site

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