I have to admit that Paul Mark Tag is a writer on my radar. My introduction was with his novel Category 5, From there I moved onto Prophecy, and ended my journey with the Errant Ricochet. Yup, I read them out of sequence, but my excuse is that he published them out of sequence! The Errant Ricochet should have been published first!

There is one thing that I can say about Paul Mark Tag, his books never disappoint. He is a gifted writer and knows how to craft a great story.

This brings us to White Thaw: The H elheim Conspiracy, once again the reader is seduced into a fictional world that is hard to escape from. Paul’s background is meteorology, and it comes across in his writing. One could almost say that the reader must weather the storm! I say that with a huge smile on my face. He is a great writer, and I love all of his books.

White Thaw takes us on a great adventure, Global Warming. Yes, most scientists agree that mankind is at the root of the problem, but could there be people actually engaged in creating it rather than trying to prevent it?

Paul Mark Tag in White Thaw once again puts Dr. Linda Kipling and Dr. Victor Silverstein in harms way.  Several seemingly unrelated events slowly merge into one potential global catastrophe. The strange disappearance of two mothballed soviet nuclear submarines in 2003. In 2011  a pair of research scientists in Greenland mysteriously disappear while doing routine work monitoring the ice pack. Lastly there is the strange death bed confession by Linda Kipling’s father.

The Soviet subs had raised some eyebrows in the intelligence world, but as the entire fleet was in such disrepair, maybe they had merely sunk due to lack of maintenance. With each one being equipped with two physically small, yet powerful nuclear power plants there was good cause for concern. However 8 years had elapsed, nothing had happened, and interest in the event had long since ceased.

The two scientists that disappeared in Greenland is also easily explained, glaciers are dangerous places, chasms in the ice can occur at any time. These ‘icequakes’ could easily swallow two men and their Snowmobiles. Locked hundreds of feet under the glacier the remains would not be found for millennia.

The third event is what Linda learns from her father. She was well aware that her parents hailed from Germany, what she did not realize was their connection to the Nazi party.  Her father’s estate included a series of letters, correspondence he had with his brother who had settled in Brazil. The letters cover a 50 year period, and while they mostly cover family chit chat, there are clues to a more sinister plot.

Paul Mark Tag has a real winner on his hands with White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy, he has a real knack for producing books that a reader cannot put down. I won’t spoil the plot, but I will share some observations. This is a book that just sucks the reader in. The story line is unique, and while unlikely, does give the reader some pause for thought. We tend to think of the Nazi regime as long gone, a blight on humanity that was eradicated with the end of the Second World War. That is not the case. The movement is still alive, yes it is a new generation, but it is just as radical, maybe even more radical than it was under Adolf Hitler.

White Thaw poses the question, just how far would a group of rich despots go to win?

You can order your copy of this very fine book by using the Amazon link above. Paul also has a website with additional information.

Simon Barrett

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