Retired Suffolk County cop Gus Murphy is living a dead existence. Alive, barely functioning, and deep in a well of painful memories that has destroyed his marriage, his relationships, and nearly him. He has been that way since his son died. Divorced, he drives a courtesy van at night for The Paragon Hotel of Bohemia, New York located close to where it hurtsLong Island MacArthur Airport. He lives at the Paragon as well and tries to not think by any means possible. His grief is overwhelming and shows no sign of abating.

He never thought Thomas Delcamino would ever be in his world again let alone show up at the Paragon looking for him. Known to cop and crook alike as Tommy D., the man tracked him down because he wants the old Gus, the Police Officer Gus, of more than two years ago who always treated him fairly despite the fact that Tommy D. was/is a known dirtbag. He did plenty of stuff, nothing really major, and was often arrested and in the system for one thing or another.

Four months ago Tommy’s son, TJ, was tortured and ultimately killed after some pretty horrible things were done to him. Tommy D. gave the detectives some leads of people to talk to and a few other things and waited for the cops to do their jobs. He didn’t try to do anything on his own. Absolutely nothing at all has happened with the case. TJ may have had a bad man as his father, but that does not mean he deserved what he got or for the cops to do nothing about his murder. Tommy D. wants to hire Gus to find out who killed his son.

Gus isn’t about to help a piece of human waste like Tommy D. find out anything. Tommy D. is devastated over his son’s murder and his pain is far too much for Gus to handle in his own state. He’s got too much pain over the loss of his own son to think about anyone else. That is until everyone at all levels of local law enforcement as well as other folks start warning him away from the case. Another murder ensures that the case of what happened to TJ is something he can’t let go.

No review will tell you just how good Where It Hurts by Reed Farrell Coleman truly is. This review doesn’t do it justice either. It is an incredible read and one that works on every possible level.

Just read it already.
Where It Hurts: A Novel
Reed Farrel Coleman
G. P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin Random House)
January 2016
ISBN# 978-0-399-17303-9
Hardback (also available in audio and e-book formats)
363 Pages

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