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When the Fire Fell

It has often been said that the Christian life is a journey.  One does not begin the journey perfect.  In fact, one does not even end the journey perfect.  Rather, the Christian walk is a personal relationship between the Christian and Christ and like all relationships; sometime it needs a little work.  Mfon’s latest book, When the Fire Fell, lays out for the Christian how to keep the relationship new and fresh, how to grow in Christ, and how to experience God’s fullness and grace in your life.  Mfon tells us, “The intensity of our desire and the degree of responsiveness to His Word, will determine the extent we can go in Him.” (pg. 80)  How true.  When the Fire Fell is a highly-engaging and encouraging read that sets you on a path of introspection and discovery to help you examine your relationship with Christ, and reach the next level in your Christian Journey.  Mfon is a gifted writer and bible teacher who brings biblical truths into focus and allows you to relate to them in a new and fresh way.  This book will make you think about your life in an entirely new way.


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